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Do you need a quick low-interest loan to meet your child's educational needs? What about best insurance or an investment plan to secure their future? Do you own a school and require funding for operations or growth? We've got you all covered!

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mrs omotesho

I'm really thankful to Edusko for their help this period. They made the payment of my kid's school fees so much easy for me with the spread out payment plan and at the best interest rate too! My child’s school also got the disbursement in less than 24 hours after I provided my bank statement. No collateral or paperwork required!

ayo michael

Someone recommended Edusko when I was looking for a good boarding school for my child who was at a time based in the UK. It took me less than 15 minutes to make a great choice on the platform.


It's the customer service for me. I spoke to one of their customer care executives and the rest was history. These guys know their craft to be honest.

lolade adewuyi

As a young parent, I never thought about schools until I had to search out a creche for my toddler. Edusko's work has opened a new vista of information, connecting parents to the best schools all over the land.

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