15 Best International Schools in Abuja Nigeria

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Best International school in Abuja

 Best International Schools in Abuja Nigeria

This is a list of the best international schools in Abuja, Nigeria as of today.

An international school is a school that promotes international education, in an international environment, either by adopting a curriculum such as that of the International Baccalaureate, Edexcel, Cambridge Assessment International Education or the International Primary Curriculum, etc.

A school may also be international if it offers a curriculum different from that of the school's country of residence. We have put together a list of some top schools in Abuja Nigeria -based on available data - that meet these criteria.

You should go through this list if you are a parent looking for an international school located in Abuja that can meet standards in other parts of the world.

  1. American International School
  2. Lead British International School
  3. Nigerian Turkish International Academy
  4. Loyola Jesuit College
  5. Nobel Hall Academy for Girls
  6. International Community school
  7. Capital Science Academy
  8. Stella Maris High school
  9. The reagent college, Abuja
  10. Premiere Academy Abuja
  11. The Centagon International school, Abuja
  12. Funtaj International School Abuja
  13. Whiteplains British school
  14. Glisten International Academy
  15. Aduvie International school

15 best international schools in Abuja

  1. American International school

American International school qualifies as one of the best international schools in Abuja.

The American International School of Abuja was founded in 1993 when a group of parents and U.S. Embassy officials recognized the need for a school that would adequately prepare students who reside in Nigeria to continue their education in American schools overseas.

The school is a world-class international school with a truly diverse population of over 40 different nationalities represented among our students and staff.

CURRICULUM: American International School of Abuja uses the US common core curriculum and is accredited in the US by MSA-Cess.

CURRICULUM: British and Nigerian Curricula

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  1. Lead British International school

Another international school that gets a spot on our list of the best international schools in Abuja is Lead British International School. Lead British International School (LBIS) is amongst the best overall schools in Abuja.

The school is part of a family of schools that has been established in 2007 in Abuja. LBIS is a co-educational school that started in September 2007. In September 2017, they also opened in Ibadan with Early Years, Primary and Secondary sections.

  1. Nigerian Turkish International Colleges

If you are looking for a school that focuses more on the sciences for your child, then NTIC is your best bet. Nigerian Tulip International College is a science-oriented, full-fledged, government-approved secondary school located in Abuja and other cities in Nigeria.

The school is one of the leading schools in Abuja. The school currently has a total number of 16 educational institutions located in Abuja, Kano, Lagos, Kaduna, Yobe, and Ogun states with a staff strength of over 1000 academic and non-academic personnel.

The school was established in 1998.

CURRICULUM OFFERED: Nigerian and international oriented curriculum geared toward science.

  1. Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja

Loyola Jesuit College is a co-educational boarding secondary school located in Abuja. The college opened with JSS-1 in 1996 and now has over 600 students in JSS-1 to SSS-3. It is a full boarding school, with teaching and supervision from members of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in collaboration with the sisters of the Holy Child Jesus and dedicated lay teachers and staff.

Loyola Jesuit has over the years established itself as arguably one of the best schools in Nigeria and international schools in Abuja. The school is home to pupils from different nationalities in an international environment.

CURRICULUM: Loyola Jesuit runs Secondary School and Senior Secondary School Programmes as specified in the Nigerian National Policy on Education.   

  1. Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls.

Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls is a premier day and boarding secondary school in Abuja, Nigeria for girls between the ages of 10-16.

The school boasts of world-class infrastructure and amenities that allow our students to flourish.

The quality of Nobel Hall’s school curriculum ensures that students experience a learning environment that’s fun, enriching, and secure.

With the reputation the school has built since its inception, Nobel Hall Leadership Academy for Girls remains one of the best day and boarding secondary schools in Abuja, Nigeria to enroll your girl child.

CURRICULUM: International Curriculum enriched with Nigerian requirements of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and the International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE).

  1. International Community School, Abuja

The International Community School is one of the best schools in Abuja. It founded in 1998 with a vision to provide a Christian international education for both the expatriate and Nigerian community. From a humble beginning of just eight students, it has grown to become a full early year, elementary and secondary school of over 575 students from approximately 35 countries.

While ICS follows an enriched American curriculum, students are also prepared to write other external examinations, which will prepare them for universities around the world.

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CURRICULUM: Enriched America curriculum

  1. Capital Science Academy, Abuja

Capital Science Academy is a co-educational international and boarding secondary school known as one of the leading international schools in Abuja and Nigeria largely.

Capital Science Academy was founded in 2003 and is, therefore, one of the longest-established private boarding schools in Abuja.

Over the years, the school has grown and developed, using to the full the beautiful and secluded fifty-hectare campus that we enjoy.

CURRICULUM: Nigerian and British curricula

  1. Stella Marris schools, Abuja

Popularly known as one of the best schools in Abuja, Stella Maris High school ranks among our list of the best international schools located in the capital city, Abuja.

Stella Maris High School is a very successful and flourishing co-educational day and boarding private secondary school. Their boarding facility is one of the best boarding schools in Abuja.

The school was founded with the aim and vision of providing a supervised caring environment designed to develop the academic and social skills which the Stella Maris school is known for.

Curriculum:  A fully integrated self-style curriculum that is a beautiful blend of the best from Nigerian, British and American curriculums

  1. The reagent College, Abuja

If you are looking for a sixth form college that would help your child to be enrolled in the university of their choice, The reagent College is a perfect fit.

The Regent College Abuja is a sixth form institution of further education, offering a range of carefully crafted courses that meet the standards of international universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean.

CURRICULUM: International

  1. Premiere Academy Abuja

Premiere Academy is an international school with excellent boarding provision, where personal development, community service, teamwork, and leadership are all important aspects of growing

The school projects international and multi-cultural ethos that reflects in the way students collaborate to make a difference.

The school’s curriculum is built on the best Global standards with the intention of providing students with a well-rounded academic experience comparable to any citadel of learning anywhere in the world.

CURRICULUM: British Nigerian

  1. The Centagon International school, Abuja

The Centagon International school officially admitted its first batch of students to commence academic activities in September 2010, giving students great opportunities to grow, as well as discover their unique gifts and academic talent.

The school serves Pre – Kindergarten through Secondary School graduation levels.

CURRICULUM: combined

  1. Funtaj International school, Abuja

Funtaj is a co-educational day and boarding school international school per excellence.

Their students graduate from school with opportunities to study both at home and abroad.

Funtaj International School (Junior and Senior High) opened to the public in September 2001. It is an off-shoot of Funtaj International School, (Nursery and Primary) which was established in September 1997.

CURRICULUM: internationally enhanced British style education

  1. Whiteplains school

Whiteplains is a day and boarding international co-education located in Jabi, Abuja. The school was founded by a group of private individuals. It was established as Whiteplains British School in 2007.

WBS has two campuses. While the first campus is a primary school and administrative block located at Plot 528 Cadastral Zone B4, Jabi, the second campus, which harbors the secondary school and the advanced studies department, is in Jabi, Abuja.

Whiteplains British School has a close affiliation with a number of partner foreign universities.


  1. Glisten International Academy

Glisten International Academy is one of the top international schools in Abuja. The school is a leading co-educational day and boarding school that has been in operation since it was established in 2006.

Glisten International Academy considers it an obligatory duty to maintain a high standard for staff performance. This principle is enhanced with strategic, constant training, seminars, and workshops by educational Resource professionals for teaching and non-teaching staff.  


  1.  Aduvie International School

Aduvie International School was established in January 2008. It is located in a spacious and serene area in the heart of Abuja.

The school presently has a pupil strength of over 600 and a pupil and staff ratio of 3:1. Aduvie nurtures, tutors, and educates pupils in crèche, nursery, primary and secondary classes.

It may also interest you to know that Aduvie has a special need class, with seasoned and well-trained therapists.

CURRICULUM: Nigerian school system, Montessori, British and International Baccalaureate curricula.

Rounding up

There you go. Those are the list of the best international schools in Abuja in no particular order.

Please note that the views shared in this blog should be subjected to further investigation by readers before making their decisions. We are in no way prescribing or imposing any of the schools listed on anyone. Readers should use their discretion in how they accept, process, and use the information above.

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