9 Things to Expect From The Business of Education Summit 2019

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The Business of Education by Edusko


Someone once said, “An investment in education pays the best interest”.

If anyone would invest in education today, where else should be their focus if not Africa, a continent boasting of the highest youth population in the world – estimated to be at 2.3 billion by 2023.

At this year’s edition of the Business of Education Summit, industry experts and stakeholders would be sharing insights and perspectives on the theme: Building a Sustainable Education Business - Opportunities & Key Drivers.

By attending #TBE2019, you stand to enjoy these other mouth-watering offers for free:

What to Expect From The Business of Education 2019

  1. Meet over 1000 School Owners, Administrators, Policy Makers, Education Entrepreneurs and Concerned Stakeholders. Network and expand your circle of great friends.
  2. Enjoy a robust, in-depth and eye-opening panel sessions with our amazing speakers in a relaxed and serene environment.
  3. Learn, unlearn, and relearn. Gain insights on some of the most important issues for 21-century school leaders and education stakeholders.
  4. Enjoy the VIP section where you get to have direct interactions with our speakers and other industry leaders; with cocktail and other amazing perks from our partners at the event. If you love the sound of this one, kindly call 08036566809.
  5. Get a chance to lend your own voice to the ongoing African Education debate.
  6. Get the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the latest education products, services, gadgets and technologies from our fascinating array of vendors.
  7. Meet the awesome people behind the Edusko Africa brand and become part of the family
  8. Get familiar with Edusko Africa, the organizer of TBE, an organization poised to enhancing the quality of and access to education in Africa by creating game-changing solutions and platforms for education providers, school leaders, policy makers, teachers, parents and students.
  9. Take beautiful, cool, nice background pictures; pause life and flood your friends’ timelines on social media.

To register to attend the event, click HERE. See you there!




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