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Best schools in Magodo, Lagos.

Are you a parent living in Magodo, Lagos State or its environs? Are you looking for the best school in Magodo for your kid? Do you desire a quality education for your child in Lagos?

If you are a parent and you are looking for a good school in Magodo that you can enrol your child in, then worry no more. There are many leading schools in Magodo and its environs that can suit your child.

Kofi Annan, the Ghanaian diplomat who served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, once said, ‘Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.’

Parents and guardians who truly know the meaning of these words and know the value of education, go out of their way to give the best foundation for their children in educating them.

Newfield School is one of the top leading schools in Magodo that is tested and trusted and many loving parents living not only in Magodo but in other parts of Lagos find Newfield school the answer to their prayers and the exact foundation they want for their children.

Newfield School is a co-educational, Tech Savvy and Early Years foundation stage (EYFS) compliant school in providing equivalent opportunities for learning by creating an enabling environment to help children realize and exploit their full potentials and expand into useful members of the society in the future.

The school is a purposely built environment where all students and staff have ready and easy access to a full range of current learning technology, software tools, and applications.

As one of the good schools in lagos, that any parent can find in Magodo, Newfield aims to make learning a vivid, enjoyable experience with a robust creatively developed teaching curriculum.

Newfield uses a broad and balanced curriculum based on the Nigerian and British National curriculum of education with a special focus on technology-supported learning processes.

The goal and main focus are to promote the development of the critical thinking skills and creative abilities of our pupils. We also have special provisions to give additional support to children with learning difficulties.

Furthermore, pupils of Newfield will be proficient users of modern learning technologies that will assist them in:

Becoming proficient and achieving high standards in reading, writing, mathematics and science subjects as applicable to age and class.

Being adequately prepared for the next level of education on the curriculum.

Meeting academic expectations commensurate to the age and class.

Being equipped for a lifelong learning experience.

Accepting responsibility for their learning achievements and self-actualisation.

So many things make Newfield school the best choice for loving parents; the conducive learning environment, experienced and loving teachers who are interested in the well-being and success of every student no matter their peculiarities, their well-structured curriculum and others.

Other things that make Newfield the best school choice for your child are:


Never giving up, and developing a Grit Mindset to face challenges:

Students can persevere when their work is challenging or something is giving them trouble, whether it is a home or at school. They try their best on all of their work including long tests, like PARCC, and they have the strength of character.

Exploring, understanding and impacting the world:

Making an active contribution to your local and global community. We respect and celebrate our diversity and recognize that many things unite us all. We make a difference in our local communities so that we can build a sustainable planet to share. We build bridges of knowledge, push boundaries and unite young people. We aim to produce not just great students, but great people who live with honesty, confidence and integrity.

We thrive via Excellence:                     

We understand that we will not achieve the impact we seek without sustained dedication to delivering value. We must be disciplined in terms of becoming the best professionals, and the best people we can be.

Fostering lifelong learning:       

We are committed to fostering the professional and personal growth of all students and our colleagues by promoting lifelong learning and leadership development. These interests are the primary focus of college decisions and activities.

Ethics and Dignity:

We are committed to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, respect, and professional and scholarly ethics. We value the dignity and worth of all people. We expect all of our conduct to be based on integrity, mutual respect, and civility, and that conduct is driven by the highest ethical standards.

Increasing intellectually by learning:

we strive to develop your potential. With our students, we never stop learning. Every one of us has the capacity for leadership

Leading through innovation:

Find the courage to challenge convention

We dare to dream of the possibilities. No idea is too small or too large if it makes things better for our learners and our people

Diligent in pursuing excellence:  

Work to continually exceed expectations just as we set educational standards for our schools, we ensure that everything we do is delivered to a high standard. We go the extra mile for our students and our colleagues

We strive for excellence in all our academic pursuits. We are committed to innovation in our teaching, research, and outreach to our communities. We commit to continuous self-improvement to achieve excellence in all our endeavours.

Here are Newfield's Admission requirements:

Admission Requirements

Parents who are interested in their child(ren) attending Newfield Schools can collect an Admission Pack from the School Office. Alternatively, parents may download an Admission Form from our website and send it to us with the required supporting documents. These include the following:

Birth Certificate or current Passport

Up-to-date Immunization Certificate

Latest Report from current school for children joining in Year 1 upwards

Prospective parents collecting an Admission Pack will do so for a non-refundable fee of =N=10,000.

Children are offered places in the School-based on:

Results of an educational assessment visit

Reference to the latest reports from the current school attended

Where places are oversubscribed, priority is given on the following basis:

A prospective pupil with siblings who are already pupils in the Primary school

Date of submission of admission forms

Pupils should normally be the correct age for the year group, based on 1st September cut off with a pupil expecting to attain the age of ten in his/her last primary school year.

Children born after the 1st September will be put into the year Group below, so they go through as the oldest in their year, rather than the youngest.

Before an offer being made parents or guardians must declare any specific learning support requirement, medical condition or disability so that we can ensure we can meet the pupil's individual needs.

For further information about Newfield school, see their profile here.


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