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Best sixth form college in Lekki Ajah axis of Lagos

Are you looking for the best sixth form college in Lekki Ajah axis of Lagos? Do you want your child to experience the best sixth form college in Lagos? Rest assured, after reading this post, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Best sixth form college in Lekki Ajah axis of Lagos

A sixth form college is an educational institution, where students aged 16 to 19 typically study for advanced school-level qualifications. From a sixth form college, a student can then gain admission to study at a university or other higher institutions of learning of their choice.

There are many advantages for students who attend sixth form colleges before going to a university. Below are a few of them:

University preparation

Sixth form Colleges often run targeted programmes for students applying to competitive university courses such as medicine. The support you can get here leading up to your application is unrivaled.

Small class sizes

Sixth form colleges have small class sizes, usually about 6-8 students. This leads to really personalized and attentive teaching which means almost 1-1 tuition in many cases.

Specialist teaching

Sixth form colleges have some of the best A-Level teachers in the profession. Not only are teachers subject experts, but they also become experts in that particular syllabus since Key Stage 5 is the only thing they teach.

This leads to impressive academic outcomes and a rich and challenging learning environment for students.

Now, let’s get to the best sixth form college in Lekki Ajah axis of Lagos that meets the above criteria.

Best Sixth form College in Lekki Ajah – Square College

Square College is one of the leading sixth form colleges in Lekki. Founded in 2016, the school is a co-educational A-level and secondary, day and boarding school in Lekki II. Bringing innovation and education technology into the classroom.

Their students collaborate, think critically, and develop into adept problem solvers, capable of shaping our tomorrow. Square College was born out of their education consultancy, which noticed a trend amongst the numerous students and organisations they worked with, across a 17-year period.

Square started out of a converted family home in Allen, Ikeja, Lagos. The first official student of Square, now a young man, David, came to them for exam preparation and practice with the school’s small team of tutors.  

They worked to grow from then, rallying for more students, going to educational conferences and events, and meeting parents and students alike. Eventually, they outgrew their mainland campus as a lot of their students were Lagos Island-based.

Square uprooted from the mainland and moved solely to Lekki Phase II, right before the school year of 2019/2020. This was an extremely rapid transition as the school had to get classes, equipment, edtech and so much more ready. It has been a blast to teach and reach out to new students across the board and the Square Family will be ready for anything 2020 brings to the table.

Square College is dedicated to raising students who think independently, act with intent, and can one day be the decision-makers who will inadvertently bring change to Nigeria.

They engage students with ideas and innovations in order to develop their dreams and interests, whatever they may be. Finally, students at Square meet, interact, and establish themselves with students from different backgrounds, religions, and ideals; at Square College, no one is boxed in.

At Square Sixth Form College, students get:

  • Students engage with high-level resources and are expected to independently produce analytical work, similar to university. A levels is the penultimate assessment which primes students for progression into their chosen areas of study and eventually, careers.
  • The A-level route focuses on specialising on a few subjects closely related to what a student may want to study at university, playing to their strengths and interests. The increased subject focus, produces students who look at every angle, every method, and every outcome.

Young Entreprise Club

The ideas of many, are the successes of few. At Square College, Secondary students are encouraged to look for new ways to solve problems, students leave ready for life, ready to make big decisions and ready to tackle the world. The Young Enterprise Club is an embodiment of that culture at Square.

The school is located at number Alhaji Yekini Olawale Bakare Street, Dreamworld Africana Way, Lekki II.




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