COVID-19: 9 Things Parents Can do With Kids at Home

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COVID-19: 9 Things Parents Can do With Kids at Home

As the world battles the Corona Virus Pandemic (Covid-19), the entire human race is experiencing unprecedented and drastic shifts in how things are done and how we live our daily lives.

Social distancing is the new norm. Businesses – big or small - are closing up by the day or at least asking their staffs to work from home. Religious gatherings have been banned almost across the world, leaving faithfuls with the option of worshipping from the confines of their homes. Political and commercial activities have shrunk to rock-bottom while traditional classroom education has come to a total halt.

Parents who have to stay at home now have to stay with their children all day long as their kids can’t go to school either.

Apart from concerns of providing the needs and necessities of their kids and the entire family, the reality of this compulsory lock-down has left many parents helpless and confused, bereft of any ideas about how to keep their kids engaged while this current tide subsides.

While carefully following all directions given to prevent and manage the disease by the authorities, parents can also create exciting, uplifting and engaging activities for their kids and the whole family this period.

We have put together some fitting indoors activities that parents can engage their kids with during this Corona Virus Outbreak:

9 Things Parents Can do with Kids at Home During Corona Virus Outbreak

  1. Teach your kids how to practice personal hygiene

This is the right time to teach your kids in a fun and loving way, how to practice good personal hygiene.

Let your kids see the washing of their hands regularly as a healthy lifestyle and not a burden imposed by anyone. Explain the benefits of practising good hygiene and the dangers of doing otherwise.

Teach your children how to keep themselves clean at all times, not only when there is an outbreak.

These vital lessons are lifelong and no one can take it from them.




  1. Read, learn and discuss current events

Instead of leaving your kids to play games all day, every week, while they are out of school, you have a golden opportunity to help your kids develop reading habit this period. Get age-appropriate and suitable reading materials for them to read. Appropriate storybooks, novels or biographies of inspiring people are good choices. You don't have to out looking for books for your kids, simply download them in soft copies so they can read from their phones.

You can also help your kids learn new words each day to expand their vocabularies. You may want to discuss current events with them but do not scare them! Let them be aware of the realities of our time as they are also citizens of the world.

  1. Teach your kids useful DIYs (Do It Yourself) tips

Did you know that children by themselves can make simple face masks that are essential commodities right now? Yes, there are lots of DIYs your wards can learn in a matter of minutes on Youtube that they will find very useful.

You could even teach your kids how to make some simple healthy juices and smoothies or even how to bake cupcakes if you know to do these things yourself.

  1. Teach your kids how to give and help others

Now, more than ever before is the time to practice giving and teach kids the importance of giving. You can show love to your neighbours by helping them get things that they need but may not be able to get. Help your kids see that you are not being selfish but care for others as well.

As you show generosity by actions, be careful to practice social distancing. Drop goods or any gifts at the door of whomever you are extending such kind gestures and make sure you wash your hands before doing so.

  1. Play monopoly and other games to keep their brains active

While you don't want your kids to perpetuate playing games throughout the lockdown, some games can help keep task your kids brain and keep their minds active. Monopoly or other games that allow kids to think and make decisions are a good option.

  1. Don’t lose all routine

No one indeed knows when the lockdown will end, but it may end sooner than later. So, don’t lose all your routines!

Try and keep to routines such as lunchtime, dinner time and even sleeping hours so that your kids don't find it too hard to resume those routines when they are asked to resume as this may be sudden.

  1. Kids need to sleep

Kids are home all day, so you may feel there is nothing wrong if they keep awake all night watching nice TV programs or playing.

If they continue doing that, even they don't break down, they will be missing out on a good opportunity to get enough rest before school resumes.

  1. Don’t forget school curriculum

Eventually, children will resume school and teachers will continue with the school curriculum.

If you don't want school lessons to be strange to your kids when they finally resume, try and teach your kids from their curriculum from time to time. This way, it will be easier for the kids to close the gap when school finally resumes.

  1.  Bond with your treasures

This is a golden opportunity to truly bond with your lovely kids, don’t let it pass. Spend quality time with them, talk with them, gist with them, get to know them more and let them know just how much you love them.

Soon, the normal schedules will resume when you will not be able to spend as much time with your kids as you would want. So, now is the time to bond with your kids.



What parents can do with their wards at home

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