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How can I Gain Admission into the University of Ibadan?

Universities of Ibadan, also known as the Premier University is arguably one of the best universities not just in Nigeria but in Africa. The school has continuously ranked the best in Nigeria for many years in a roll now. Every year, thousands of students seek admission into the University of Ibadan as their university of choice.

Known for their fast and smooth running academic calendars, the University of Ibadan also leads other universities in Nigeria when it comes to the crop of lecturing staff; top-notch learning facilities, purpose-built on-campus hostels, academically sound and morally upright students, among other things.

Unibadan also boasts of having the most prominent educators; literary giants, actors, elder statesmen, activists, and some of the best global citizens as their alumni. Among these illustrious men and women are Professor Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Kole Omotosho, Adebayo Faleti, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Christopher Okigbo, Bola Ige, among others.

All the facts above added to the fact that the University of Ibadan’s admission is strictly based on merit makes the school the envy of all potential undergraduates in Nigeria, year in, year out.

If you are a JAMB candidate seeking to gain admission into the Premier University, you need to learn the protocols of exams and admission process into the university of Ibadan.

For one thing, I can assure you that if you meet the University of Ibadan’s requirements or better still supersedes, you will surely gain admission into Unibadan; the school places a high premium of merit and excellence.

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However, I will advise you that you go and buckle your shoes and get ready to score a high mark in your UTME and post UTME examinations.

If you are looking for admission into the University of Ibadan, the question you should be asking now is what is university of Ibadan’s admission process and how can I gain admission into the University of Ibadan? We will answer that question for you below in 8 steps.

How to gain admission into Unilag – 8 Steps

WAEC Combination/ O’Level Requirements

If you want to gain admission into Unilag, you must have the required credit in at least 5 credits in the subjects of the course that are relevant to your course of study. The subjects where you should have five credits depend on the course you want to study at the University of Ibadan. Kindly study your brochure for the subject you must have credits to study your course at UI.  

Please note that Mathematics and the English language must be inclusive in the subjects.

Does the University of Ibadan allow two sittings O ’level /WAEC/NECO Result?

Usually, UI accepts candidates with at least 5 credits at one sitting for their o’ level requirements. However, where the University of Ibadan accepts two sittings, they ask for at least 6 credits instead. But this is not in all cases. Again, that’s why you need to study the brochure to know the exact WAEC/O ’ level requirements.

Choose the University of Ibadan as First Choice

If you truly and really want to become a UI student, then choose the University of Ibadan as your first choice of institution in your JAMB form. The University of Ibadan does not consider candidates who choose them as the second choice at all. Remember, the school is very competitive and you are struggling alongside thousands of other candidates to become a UI student. So ensure you choose them as first choice and first choice only.

Choose a Course of Study

If you want to gain admission into any institution, you must have a course of study. The same is true of UI, you must have a course that you want to study, fill it in the form. In choosing a course, for UI, you need a brochure to guide you. You cannot just decide to study a course on your own, you need to consult the brochure.

First, you need to know if you can study that particular course with your WAEC/O’level result. What if the course you choose is no longer being offered in UI? So, you need to become a best friend to your brochure when seeking UI admission. Second, you’ll have an idea which subjects to combine for your UTME, and you’ll know of any other special considerations (waiver) remarks for your proposed course.

Check Your Eligibility with JAMB Tool

Alternatively, you can use the JAMB eligibility tool to see if you are eligible for your desired course of study; JAMB subject’s requirements for your course, and O’level requirements.

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has devised another mechanism for an individual student to check they are qualified for a course/institution before going for the registration at any CBT Centre, especially for those who cannot painstakingly read the brochure.

In any case, make sure you have a combination of the right JAMB and O’level results and you choose the right course of study.

Score at least 250 in JAMB

If you want to be considered for admission into UI, you must score at least 250 in your JAMB exams at the time of application. Although JAMB stipulates 150, ensure you work hard and score nothing less than 250 in your JAMB to have a real chance of gain admission into Unilag.

Because the school is highly competitive, if too many people score 200 and above, they will raise their bar to 250. If you score up to this, you have a greater advantage. Also, ensure your subject combinations are in line with those in JAMB brochure.

Try as much as you can; read as much as you can, work as if your life depends on it, and make sure you score 250 in JAMB.

Register for and Write UI Post-UTME

If you scored anything from 200 in your UTME, you will be allowed to write UI’s Post-UTME. If you score less than 200 for you in UI. You may, however, want to do a change of institution. Remember that I advised that you score 250 earlier. This is because of the higher your score, the higher your chances of gaining admission considering the number of other people looking for admission in UI.

With 200 or above, you’ll register for the University Post UTME following instructions on the University of Ibadan’s application portal.

PLEASE read the instructions carefully! UI is always keen on candidates following stated instructions. A little mistake could cost you admission into UI for a year. So, please read the instructions carefully.

Once you write your post-UTME and pass well, you are on your way to studying at UI.


Does Ibadan accept direct entry?

Yes, UI accepts direct entry

Does UI accept Jupeb for admission?

Does the University of Ibadan accept 2 sittings?

It depends on your course of study. Generally, UI accepts only 5 credits at a sitting. However, some courses of study may allow for two sittings but 6 credits in that case. Note that highly competitive courses may not allow for two sittings in UI.

What are the science courses at the University of Ibadan?

There are many science courses at the University of Ibadan. You may want to visit their website for a list of all departments, faculties, and schools.


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