How To Pass Jamb In 2021 Excellently - 13 Easy Tips

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how can I pass my JAMB exam and score high

How to pass JAMB in 2021 excellently 

If you have met the requirements to register for JAMB in 2021 and you have completed your registration for the examination, then you should be getting ready to write 2021 JAMB on June 19, 2021.

With this in mind, the next question that would occupy your mind would be “how can I pass my JAMB examination”?

Every year, the number of JAMB candidates continues to increase. According to Wikipedia, a record of over 2.1 million candidates registered for the 2020 JAMB examination. In 2021, there would even be more candidates registering for JAMB.

The more candidates register for JAMB in 2021, the slimmer chances of candidates to pass the examination. But for serious students, this is an opportunity to put in the needed effort, prepare adequately and come out in flying colours in their JAMB.

If you are able to score anything above 200 in JAMB and pass excellently well in the exam set by different universities, then you would be able to gain admission into some of these best universities in Nigeria.

If you would love to study courses like Medicine, Law, Engineering, and other professional courses, then, you should aim at scoring 300 – 350 for a better chance.

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JAMB 2021 is very competitive and lots of brilliant students would be sitting for the exams. So, how can you pass your JAM exam excellently still?

Below are 13 tips and tricks that will help any student in Nigeria score above 300 in JAMB and come out in flying colours.

How to pass JAMB excellently in 2021 and score above 300

  1. Set a high score target

To start with, if you want to score a high mark in JAMB 2021, you set a target for yourself. Write down the score you want to have. It could be 350, 300, or more, depending on you and your determination.

The reason this is important is that you cannot meet a goal that you did not set. I will advise that you have a goal in your mind and a score you want to have so you can work towards it.

So, get a pen and paper right now and put down the score you want to have in your JAMB exams. Don’t take this action for granted. Write down your desired score now.

  1. Start preparing early

If you are reading this post, then you have less than a month before you will be writing your JAMB. So, I expect you to have started preparation a few months ago.

There is no single secret of passing JAMB than one thing – early preparation. If you do not prepare on time, there is no magic that will stop failure.

11th-hour preparation is not what talking about here. I mean starting to read as early as many months before sitting for your JAMB examination.

Even if you are a genius, you still can’t underrate preparation. So, if you haven’t been preparing before now, you know what to do.

  1. Prepare with your JAMB syllabus

The JAMB Syllabus is an official document or material that contains detailed information and guidance on the areas or topics you are expected to cover on a particular subject for your UTME.

Working with your JAMB syllabus is the best exam expo you can ever get to score high in JAMB.

If you are asking “how can I pass JAMB in 2021” my answer would be for you to get the JAMB syllabus, study it and prepare for your exam with it.

The syllabus explains each subject structure, exams, review sessions, and other activities required for students to learn the material.

You will also find in the list of topics you are required to cover for each subject in the syllabus which could give you an idea of likely questions for free.

So, if want to pass JAMB, go get the JAMB syllabus, befriend your syllabus and learn how to use it effectively.

  1. Use JAMB recommended texts

There are different textbooks from different authors that you could read for different subjects in preparation for your JAMB exams but there are some texts that will be more useful. Those are the JAMB recommended textbooks.

Why is this, you may ask. The answer is not far-fetched. JAMB is the organizer of the examination so they are in a better position to recommend texts based on their standard.

So, if you want to pass your coming JAMB exams in one sitting, try studying recommended JAMB textbooks.

Another thing you can do is to ask from other sources like people who have written JAMB in the past.

Get different opinions about the best textbooks to study for your JAMB for different subjects. Based on the responses you get, make a list of the best textbooks to study for your exams and study them.

  1. Study JAMB past questions

JAMB over time has a reservoir of decades of past questions. they don’t need to sit down to set new questions for most of the subjects.

A smart student would take advantage of this fact to study past JAMB questions in preparation for their JAMB exams.

JAMB past questions are easily available for you to get them. You may study a few recent past questions and see the pattern of questions to prepare you for what to expect.

Warning! Do not cream past questions and answers. Sometimes, JAMB tweaks these questions a little bit and if you have creamed the answers, you may be shooting yourself in the leg.

When studying past questions, you are able to detect your strengths and weaknesses, focus on the right things to pay attention to, and get you generally ready for what to face in your examination hall on D-day.

  1. Download a JAMB CBT software

A lot of practice is needed in preparation for your JAMB exam, especially if you want to pass excellently well and come out in flying colours.

Luckily, there is one tool that can help you prepare more effectively if you are willing to make use of the tool.

The tool is the JAMB CBT practice software. This software helps you learn important techniques that allow you to make good use of your study time.

The JAMB Computer Testing & Preparatory Software is designed to help candidates prepare for and familiarize themselves with the coming JAMB examination.

The JAMB CBT software is available on the Google play store and you can download it for free and start using it to prepare now. You can also use the software on both your computer and mobile phone.

  1. Study and understand

It’s one thing to take time to study, it’s another thing to understand what you’re reading. Many students are found wanting in this area. They read but don’t understand.

If you want to pass any exams well enough, you need to have a good understanding of what you read so as to be able to deliver in the exam hall.

If you want to score 300 in JAMB in 2021, you need to follow the following technique of reading and understanding:

  • Avoid distractions
  • Engage with the material i.e. Look up unfamiliar words, concepts, dates, and further information about important ideas in the book or reading material.
  • Create mental images
  • Take notes
  • Take breaks in between
  • Summarize and reflect
  1. Familiarize with computers

If you do not have a personal computer or laptop and you want to sit for this upcoming JAMB in June 2021, then you may face challenges on the exam day using the computer.

Remember, JAMB is a computer-based test, so if you are not familiar with how a computer works, you may find it difficult to use it on the day of your exam.

Find someone who has a personal computer that you can use to know how a computer works so you don’t make a fool of yourself in the hall.

This is very important. You should also speak with someone who has written the exam in the past so you could get their advice on what to expect.

  1. Study with friends or other candidates

When it comes to scoring a high mark in JAMB, two are better than one. If you have a friend that is equally taking the exams, why not practice some tests together.

You may bounce ideas off each other, time each other as you practice to see if you are able to meet up with time. You can also point out each other’s mistakes.

There may be a particular topic a friend of yours is very good at but you are not too good at, say for example Mathematics or Literature. Let them put you through and vice versa.

If you have other people around you who would be writing JAMB in 2021, it’s advisable that you study together.  This does not stop you from your personal study alone time which is equally very important if you want to pass your exams.

  1. Learn time control

Another important thing to take note of if you want to pass your JAMB exam once and excellently is to learn how to manage time.

JAMB will give you 2hrs 45 mins to answer 250 questions. If you do not prepare with timing in mind, you may not be able to answer half of the questions before the time is up.

This is very important for you to take note of. Start practicing and timing yourself as you practice.

Take one of the past questions and try to answer the questions under 2hrs and 45 mins. Once your time is up, see how many questions you are able to answer.

If you were able to answer all your questions under the allotted time, then you have a good hang on your timing already, but keep improving.

If you could not complete all the questions in 2hrs 45 mins, then, you need to keep repeating this practice while increasing your pace as you do so.

Remember the popular saying, practice makes perfect? Yes, keep practicing and you’ll get much better if not perfect.

  1. Enroll in JAMB coaching

I’m sure there are some good and credible JAMB coaching centres around you, find the very best ones and enroll to get professional coaching as you prepare to write your examination.

Some of the teachers in those centers have been coaching students for many years and trust me, they have an experience that to put you through. Some even know the marking pattern for JAMB and other valuable information that you don’t have.

So, if you can, try and enroll in a lesson to learn new things for a few hours of the day.

Enrolling in a JAMB coaching centre should not stop you from your own personal preparation, however.

  1. Stay updated on JAMB information

Am sure by now the official website of JAMB. If not, Google is your friend…Google it. Also, follow JAMB's social media account and important JAMB official accounts to get up-to-date verified news.

There is so much fake and misleading news on social media so, be guided so you don’t fall victim. Get your information from the source and make sure you always do your checks.

  1. Don’t engage in malpractices

My final advice for you would everyone who wants to write JAMB in 2021 and ace it is not to involve in examination malpractices.

Some of your friends who also want to write JAMB might depend on cheating and malpractice so, they may not really be reading. It possible some might even want to sell that idea to you but don’t fall for it.

Fine, the exam is computer-based and it’s not as easy as it used to be to cheat but there are still some tricks people use to play smart over the examiners.

If you cheat in your examination, what do you think will happen if you get caught? You will definitely lose your exam altogether among other consequences.

Even if you do not get caught, you don’t want to lay the foundation of your higher education on falsehood and deceit. And one thing is for sure, there will always be consequences for such grave offense no matter what anyone tells you.

Now that you have seen how to pass your JAMB in 2021, all I can wish you is the very best and success in your exams and all your endeavours.

Cheers to an excellent result!


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