How to Start a School in Nigeria - 10 Easy Steps

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How can I start a school in Nigeria?

How to start a school in Nigeria

School business is very capital intensive, but at the same time very lucrative for those who can be patient enough to put in the work.

What exactly does it take to start school business in Nigeria? What are the requirements and processes to establish a school in Nigeria? These are some of the questions I’ll answer in this blog post, so make sure to read this article to the end.

How to start a school in Nigeria as a business

The following are some of the main steps you need to take in starting a school in Nigeria.

  1. Decide school type

What type of school do you want to establish? Is a for-profit or non-profit; crèche, nursery and primary, secondary, or even higher institution. So, the first step in starting a school in Nigeria is to decide what type of school you want to start.

This is because the investment you’ll need to start a creche is not the same as you’ll need to start a secondary school with different arms. Once you’ve decided what school business you’re starting, then you can continue with the next steps.

However, it is better to start from the bottom-up (creche to nursery and primary to secondary school), so you grow into the business of education, learning as you grow.

  1. Develop your vision/mission for your school

You need a compelling vision to guide you and your team through the early stages and beyond. Your vision will drive decisions and actions in the short and long term.

So, when starting your school, you need to know what your values are, who you want to serve – (middle class or low-class), what makes your school different or unique. Where do you want your school to be in 5 years, 25 years and 100 years? etc.

School business is serious business, people’s future lives are involved, so you need to give it your best commitment and effort when starting. So, ensure you take care of all of these points when starting your school here in Nigeria.

  1. Create your curriculum

The next thing on your agenda once you’ve chosen your school type is to create a suitable curriculum. Many new schools hardly pay attention to this point but it’s very crucial.

When writing your curriculum, you need to consider both the practical organizational matters of day-to-day operations such as when will the day start and end, how will teachers be scheduled, etc, as well as the scope and sequence of learning you hope your school to achieve. You need to also decide if you’re using the Nigerian curriculum, British or mixed and how to achieve your desired outcomes.

How to start a school in Nigeria

  1. Create a business plan

There are many business plan models online that you can use.  You only need to figure out which works best for you. Your business plan will describe your goals for your school, the reasons they are attainable, and how you plan to achieve them financially.

If you plan to raise funds for your school, you especially need a business plan. Even if you don’t, you still need to create a business plan to keep you grounded in your goals and vision.

  1. Get a school structure

Except you want to run an -learning platform, your school must have a building infrastructure. When thinking of how to start a school in Nigeria, one of the major concerns of intending school owners is how to get a structure.

Getting your own building when starting your school might not be feasible when you think of the cost of getting land and then erecting a structure in it. Then the cost of the learning materials that you have to buy too.

Many school owners start by renting or leasing a space that they use paying annual rent and then making plans for getting their own property as the school grows.

If you already have a property or a facility you could use, then, you may not necessarily need to rent a space.

Whether you are renting a space or using your own property, make sure the facility is conducive enough for learning.

The leasing/renting, renovation, and construction processes tend to take longer than anticipated. Also, if possible, design your physical space to facilitate your school’s mission.

  1. Invest in instructional material

When you are starting a school in Nigeria, you’ll need to have basic instructional materials like writing boards, tables, and chairs, etc.

Your school must be needed and clean to protect the health of the pupils or students. Make sure that you meet the basic required standards by the regulatory bodies.

The rooms must be spacious enough to accommodate the students without hassles. At least 3.5m square per child under the age of two. At least 2.5m square for children aged two or at least 2.3m square per child aged three to seven.

Your school must also observe hygienic practices like adequate water supply and must be free from noise pollution which can impede learning.

  1. Register your school for government approval

For your school to become a legal entity in Nigeria, you need to register it and get it approved by the government of your land. So, you’ll need to go to your state’s ministry of education to get the procedure you need to ft your school up running.

You’ll also need to get a CAC number for your school incorporation. CAC is the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria, the body responsible for regulating companies in Nigeria.

  1. Hire excellent teachers and non-teaching staff

The quality of your staff can make or mar your school. That’s why when starting a school in Nigeria, you need to allocate good time to the hiring staff, especially your teaching staff.

Your team/staff will determine the quality of your school. Nothing else comes close. Your teachers will be the single most important factor in the quality of your school’s education. That quality will determine your school’s success.

Attract and retain first-rate teachers who are passionate about education and compassionate with students. This will help you quickly grow your new school and out-perform your numerous competitions.

Staff well-fare is also vital. Make sure your staff is well-renumerated. No one is saying you should pay them armed rubber’s salary but at least pay them something tangible enough to take care of them and their families.

  1. Market your school

The fact that you have a beautiful structure, experienced staff, and even a nice-looking school bus does not make people automatically troop into your school with their kids.

You need to do some marketing, get the word out there for parents looking for schools for their kids or those who want to change their children’s schools.

Thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank these days to advertise. You can simply leverage digital marketing – email marketing, social media, and even SMS marketing.

You don’t have to be an expert to do this, Edusko Africa is your dependable partner in progress when it comes to cost-effectively reaching your target parents with a little budget. So, feel free to call this number +234-7052704253.

  1. Start enrolling and recruiting students

Now that you have the basic facilities needed to start a school in Nigeria and some staff are on the ground, with some marketing and advertisement, you should b able to start to enroll and recruit paying students.

Start sharing your vision with enthusiastic parents, teachers, and students to facilitate an exchange of learning. Start holding open houses and enrolling students in your school to make your dream a reality.

Other frequently asked questions about how to start a school in Nigeria are:

  • What do I need to start school in Nigeria?

To start a school in Nigeria you need some capital, a school structure which you can rent/lease or buy. Your school should be neat and conducive to learning. You need to get your school approved and registered. You need good teaching and non-teaching staff alongside instructional material.

  • How much money does it take to start school?

It depends on the type of school you are running, the type of students you want to attract, and the area you want to operate in. Again, you can always start small and grow your school gradually. To start a standard primary school in Nigeria, you need up to 10,000,000.

  • How do I start a private school?

To start a school in Nigeria you need some capital, a school structure which you can rent/lease or buy. Your school should be neat and conducive for learning. You need to get your school approved and registered. You need good teaching and non-teaching staff alongside instructional material.

Rounding up

That’s it about how to start a school in Nigeria. If you have gained a thing or two from this blog post, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. You can always reach out to us for more information via

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