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List of Universities in Nigeria that Accept Low JAMB Scores for 2024/2025

14 May, 2024

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List of Nigerian Universities Accepting Lower Cut-Off Marks for 2024/2025

In today’s educational landscape, Nigerian universities are extending a welcoming hand to students who may have faced setbacks in their JAMB scores.

Despite the traditional benchmarks, numerous institutions across the country are embracing a more inclusive approach to admissions, offering opportunities to

a wider array of applicants.

Below is a comprehensive list of universities that are more accommodating to students with lower JAMB scores, presented alphabetically for ease of reference.

Nigerian Universities Welcoming Students with Low JAMB Scores 2024/2025

Here’s a concise list of universities opening their doors to students with low JAMB scores:

Universities Accepting 160 JAMB Score and Above

  1. Abia State University
  2. Achievers University
  3. Akwa Ibom State University
  4. Al-Qalam University
  5. American University of Nigeria
  6. Augustine University
  7. Babcock University
  8. Bowen University
  9. Covenant University
  10. Edo University
  11. Igbinedion University
  12. Joseph Ayo Babalola University
  13. Madonna University
  14. Nile University of Nigeria
  15. Oduduwa University
  16. Pan-Atlantic University
  17. Paul University
  18. Redeemer's University
  19. Renaissance University
  20. Rhema University
  21. Samuel Adegboyega University
  22. Skyline University Nigeria
  23. Summit University
  24. Tansian University
  25. University of Mkar
  26. Veritas University
  27. Wellspring University

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Universities Accepting 150 JAMB Score and Above

  1. Adamawa State University
  2. Ajayi Crowther University
  3. Al-Hikmah University
  4. Benson Idahosa University
  5. Bingham University
  6. Caritas University
  7. Chrisland University
  8. Crawford University
  9. Hallmark University
  10. Mountain Top University
  11. Novena University
  12. Nigerian Turkish Nile University
  13. Precious Cornerstone University
  14. Renaissance University
  15. Rhema University
  16. Salem University
  17. Southwestern University
  18. Tansian University
  19. University of Mkar
  20. Veritas University
  21. Wellspring University

Universities Accepting 140 JAMB Score and Above

  1. Admiralty University of Nigeria
  2. African University of Science and Technology
  3. Baze University
  4. Chrisland University
  5. Delta State University
  6. Federal University, Dutse
  7. Federal University, Dutsin-Ma
  8. Federal University, Gashua
  9. Federal University, Gusau
  10. Federal University, Kasere
  11. Federal University, Otuoke
  12. Gombe State University
  13. Lead City University
  14. Modibbo Adama University of Technology
  15. Nile University of Nigeria
  16. Northwest University
  17. Obong University
  18. Oduduwa University
  19. PAMO University of Medical Sciences
  20. Renaissance University
  21. Rhema University
  22. Ritman University
  23. Samuel Adegboyega University
  24. Skyline University Nigeria
  25. Summit University
  26. University of Africa
  27. University of Mkar
  28. Veritas University
  29. Wellspring University

Understanding Admission Processes

While these universities may accept lower JAMB scores, it’s essential for prospective students to understand the intricacies of the admission process. In many cases, although the JAMB cut-off mark is low, certain departments or programs within these universities may still require higher scores due to competition.

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Therefore, applicants are advised to conduct thorough research on their preferred courses and universities to ascertain the likelihood of securing admission with their respective JAMB scores. Additionally, considering alternative options such as polytechnics, which often have lower cut-off marks, can increase the chances of admission.

Strategic Course Selection

Another crucial aspect to consider is the choice of course. Opting for programs with lower competition can significantly enhance the likelihood of admission, even with a lower JAMB score. It’s advisable for applicants to prioritize courses aligned with their interests and strengths while also considering the demand and competition levels.

Navigating Admission Challenges: Tips for Prospective Students

Admission into Nigerian universities can be competitive, especially for students with lower JAMB scores. However, with careful planning and strategic approach, prospective students can navigate these challenges successfully. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Research Thoroughly: Before applying to any university, conduct comprehensive research on their admission requirements and past cut-off marks. This will give you a clear understanding of the score range needed for your desired institution.
  2. Choose Alternative Programs: If your JAMB score is below the average for your preferred course, consider alternative programs within the same university. Some departments may have lower cut-off marks compared to others.
  3. Apply to Multiple Institutions: Increase your chances of admission by applying to multiple universities that accept lower JAMB scores. Diversifying your options can be beneficial.
  4. Focus on Supplementary Applications: Some universities offer supplementary admission processes, such as post-UTME exams or direct entry options. Prepare well for these assessments to strengthen your application.

Exploring Polytechnic Options

Polytechnics offer viable alternatives for students seeking higher education in Nigeria, especially for those with lower JAMB scores. Here are key reasons to consider polytechnic options:

  1. Lower Cut-Off Marks: Polytechnics often have lower JAMB score requirements compared to universities, making them accessible to students with varying academic backgrounds.
  2. Hands-On Learning: Polytechnic programs emphasize practical skills and technical knowledge, preparing students for specific industries and careers.
  3. Employability: Graduates of polytechnics are highly sought after by industries due to their practical experience and specialized training.
  4. Diverse Program Offerings: Polytechnics offer a wide range of programs, from engineering and technology to business and arts, catering to different interests and career goals.
  5. Pathway to Further Education: Polytechnic graduates can further their education through specialized certifications, professional courses, or even pursue university degrees through direct entry programs.

In conclusion, while a low JAMB score may initially seem like a barrier to admission into Nigerian universities, the evolving policies and practices of these institutions offer hope and opportunities to aspiring students. By strategically selecting universities, courses, and understanding the admission processes, individuals can increase their chances of securing admission and embarking on their academic journeys.

14 May, 2024

4 min read



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