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best boarding schools in Lagos in 2021

This is a list of some of the best boarding schools you will find anywhere in Lagos state in 2021.

The list of the best boarding schools in Lagos in 2021 is based on the available data on the boarding school’s performance in national and international exams, reputation among parents, top-notch and well-maintained boarding facilities and other criteria meet.

There have been arguments and counterarguments as to the morality/justification for enrolling a child in a boarding school or not. The truth is that there are pluses and there are minuses.

The ultimate decision of sending your child to a boarding school rest with you. But to help you make an informed decision, we examined the good, bad and ugly sides of the boarding school system in this article. You may want to read through before making a boarding school choice for your child.

Assuming you’ve read through the two sides of boarding school education’s coin and are ready to make an informed decision of the best boarding school for your child, below is a useful list of some of the best schools with boarding facilities in Lagos.

Now, let’s get started with the list of top boarding schools in Lagos. Please note that the list is in no particular order.

Top 15 best boarding schools in Lagos in 2021

  1. Corona Secondary School, Agbara

Established over 65 years ago, Corona schools no doubt have built a proven reputation of excellence over the decades and are one of the best schools in Nigeria in 2021.

In 2020 WAEC, Corona school had a 76% distinction rate and over 95% higher education potential rate. In IGCSE 2019, Corona school had a 74% distinction rate (A* - B) and the highest score of 7.5/9, and an average score of 7.1/9 in 2019 IELTS.

Corona School, Agbara has one of the best boarding facilities among other boarding schools in Lagos. It’s the ideal environment you’ll want your child to acquire all-around and inclusive education.

  1. Grange School, Ikeja

Arguably one of the best schools in Nigeria, Grange offers a most conducive, serene, and ideal for learning in Nigeria’s commercial hub, Lagos.

The school offers full-time boarding (students, only leave the boarding at half term, full-term holidays, and exeat requests). However, parents can opt for flexi boarding (Monday - Friday) or occasional boarding for those parents wishing to book a space on an ad hoc basis when unexpected work, family or school commitments create logistical challenges.

  1. Greensprings school, Anthony

Greensprings School is a co-educational school located in Lagos. Having provided – and continue providing – quality education for students for more than 30 years, the school clearly understands that boarding students tend to be more self-reliant and dedicated to their studies. Consequently, they up one of the best boarding schools in Lagos and Nigeria.

Greensprings School boarding facility is the best choice for your child. Their boarding facility is well-furnished, and the hostels are always kept clean. Furthermore, the rooms in our hostels are quite spacious, well-illuminated, and conducive.

  1. Chrisland International Schools, Idimu

Known as one of the foremost privately-owned international schools in Nigeria, Chrisland International School takes the lead in providing quality, all-round education for pupils.

Chrisland students recorded an excellent performance in the recently concluded 2020 external and international examinations. The students, as always, recorded an outstanding feat in all examinations with a spread of distinctions in all subjects.

Chrisland College, Idimu is a full boarding co-educational college, it is located on a 50-acre land in Idimu, Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State. The School was founded on the 2nd of February, 1987. Over the years, they have reinforced their position as one of the leading educational institutions in Nigeria.

  1. Children International School, Lekki

CIS is an outstanding international learning institution that is committed to setting the standard for world-class education, with a focus to enable students to become successful learners who enjoy learning as well as outstanding individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

The school one of the best boarding school facilities in Lagos that provide an awesome boarding experience for children.

  1. British International School, VI

British International School (BIS) Lagos is a warm, vibrant, and successful co-educational school situated in the heart of Victoria Island.

The British International School is located within a spacious, green, and tranquil environment. It provides students with an education rooted in the British National Curriculum but blended with key elements of the Nigerian provision at KS3.

BIS provides a range of boarding options full boarding, flexible boarding with Sunday evening to Friday afternoon in the boarding house, and weekends with families at home personalised boarding arrangements for short stay periods when families need this support (dependent on bed availability).

As a member of the UK’s Boarding Schools’ Association and of COBIS, the schools provide an international standard of pastoral care. The boarding houses at BIS provide a homely environment and atmosphere for our boarders.

  1. Atlantic Hall, Epe

Established in 1989 by the Educational Trust Council (ETC), Atlantic school is one of the best schools in Lagos and also some of the best boarding house facilities in the city of Lagos. The school is situated very close to the Atlantic Ocean in Epe.

Their facilities encompass a medical center, well-equipped laboratories, sports facilities, and numerous other facilities required for comfortable and versatile education.

  1. Lekki British International School

Lekki British school is one of the top private secondary boarding schools in Nigeria. It was established in 2000. The school has an all international standard of studying, with well-equipped laboratories, air-conditioned learning rooms, theatre room, and internet-connected computers for students.

  1. Rainbow College

Rainbow College is a top-flight co-educational secondary school that applies a global approach to teaching and nurturing in an ideal environment for the exercise of learning.

In the recently concluded 2020 WAEC Examination, 80.59% of Rainbow College students had A-B in all the subjects and 97.54% of students had between A-C grades. In 2019, one of Rainbow College’s Students was awarded Best Student in English as a Second Language by the British Council in the IGSCE 2018/2019 exams.

Rainbow College Boarding is located in Asese village, Mada, Ogun State. They are just a short 15 minutes from the old Lagos toll gate along the Lagos Ibadan expressway. The school’s boarding offers a highly secure and safe learning environment for all of our pupils to thrive in.

Rainbow College Boarding has established their campus as more than just a leading Nigerian boarding school; they have become a second home to all of our pupils. At Rainbow College boarding, the welfare of pupils is at the forefront of the minds of educators.

  1. Meadow Hall College, Lagos

Meadow Hall is a co-educational institution founded in July 2002 where an integrated scheme made up of the British National Curriculum and the Nigerian Curriculum is offered. We are committed to raising excellent and Godly children that will attain their highest potential in life. We emphasise the importance of cognitive as well as non-cognitive learning, and our world-class facilities prove this.

At Meadow Hall College, your child would experience the best boarding experience you can ever get here in Nigeria and Lagos. The school arguably has one of the boarding school systems in Lagos.

  1. Kayron International schools, Lekki

Though relatively young, Kayron International School is one of the best international boarding schools in Lagos state and Nigeria.

Kayron college equips students to the reality of how living and succeeding in an ever-challenging global economic community requires adaptability and flexibility with a variant skill-set, knowledge, and character.

The college has designed a curriculum that is all-inclusive of a wide range of experiences, activities, and opportunities geared towards nurturing young responsible leaders with sufficient character and competence.

  1. Vivian Fowler Memorial College, Ikeja

If you are looking for the best boarding school around Ikeja for your girl child, then there can be no other school than Vivian Fowler Memorial College.

Vivian Fowler is a school for girls aged 10 -18 that provides a day and boarding school experience that makes young lives extraordinary.

Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls is committed to providing an education designed to enable all girls to discover their strengths and to make the most out of their talents within the school and beyond.

  1. Avicenna International School

Avi-Cenna International School is an independent, non-denominational day and boarding school for boys and girls from age 2 to age 18. The school boasts of having some of the best boarding facilities in Lagos.

Avi-cenna was founded in 1989. The school is an independent school with a strong academic and pastoral tradition. The school embraces innovation and change that best prepares its pupils for the challenges they will face in the years ahead.

  1. Dansol High Schools, Ikeja

Dansol is a Christian school where teachers desire to create an atmosphere that emphasizes Christian values and morals. The school has some of the best boarding facilities in the city of Lagos.

The students at Dansol are encouraged and supported to imbibe and live with these values for the rest of their lives. Right from the lesson plans for each of the classes, the Biblical concept is used. The school believes all subjects have their foundation in the Bible.

So, teachers use the appropriate scriptures to support any of the topics they teach in each of the subjects offered in the school. Dansol is the place you want to take your child for all-around quality education and boarding experience.

  1.  Grenville School, Ikeja GRA

As a deliberate policy, Grenville management has decided to keep its class sizes small as it is our belief that this one of the ways that we can help to ensure that children of all capabilities are brought up to a satisfactory level of performance.

This is seen by many parents as a winning formula that will help the school achieve its long-term goal of becoming one of the top schools in Nigeria and beyond.

The recent addition of boarding facilities would ensure that Grenville School is truly international as the school begins to attract the children of Nigerians in the Diaspora, both from Europe and the Americas. These children apart from acquiring Nigerian values and culture will also help our other students understand the importance of diversity and social responsibility.


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