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Schools in Ondo

Top 25 Best Secondary Schools In Ondo State

Ondo State was created in 1976 from the former Western State and it is originally included in what is now Ekiti State, which was carved out in 1996 by late General Sanni Abacha.

Since the creation of Ondo state over some 40 years ago, the state has recorded lots of development and growth earing her enviable position among the committee of states in Nigeria.

Apart from the beautiful tourist attractions nature gifted Ondo states like the Idanre hills and Igbo Olodumare in Oke-Igbo, Ondo state also has a great educational heritage dating back to the early 1900s when the first secondary school was established – Ondo Boys High School.

Till date, Ondo State boasts of some of the best schools in Nigeria. This is not surprising owing to the love for a good education that the Ondo sons and daughters are known for.

The quest for quality education is ever-present in a typical Ondo State indigene. Parents in Ondo state go for the best schools when it comes to the education of their children.

If you are a parent living in Akure, Ondo, Owo or other local government areas in Ondo state and you are looking for the best school for your children, there are many good options for you.

We understand that choosing the best school for your child by yourself is not an easy task. That is why we have come up with a list of some of the best schools in Ondo State to ease your search.

Below is a list of the leading schools in Ondo state from which you could choose from. Please note that this list of top schools in Ondo is not in any particular order.

  1. Greater tomorrow School, Akoko

Greater tomorrow international college [gtic] is one of the best schools not only in Ondo state but in Nigeria as of today and it’s a blessing to Ondo indigenes.

The school came into existence through the yearnings of parents and friends of the school who have in one way or the other been touched by the wonderful academic work earlier displayed by the proprietor of the school in the nursery and primary school cadre.

The college believes that education is a scientific programme for the development and shaping of individuals in purposeful ways. Education in the school is to help those who attend it get ready for life in society.

Relevance is probably the keyword in today's education and that is what the college offers and not irrelevant educational programmes, contents, examination and certificates.

The school is located at Km 3, Ikare-Ajowa Express Way, Agbaluku-Arigidi, Akoko, Ondo State.

  1. Hallmark School, Ondo

Hallmark Secondary School, Ondo ranks among the best in Nigeria and of course, in Ondo state.

Hallmark was founded in the year 1995 out of a vision and a burden of the management to provide a secondary school of the high academic and moral standard; a school that would groom and produce students that could fit into any situation and condition in life.

The Proprietress, Mrs. Aralola Faturoti, a seasoned and well-qualified educationist with over fifty years' experience, took the burden and vision together with her strong faith and planted the seed. Over the years, the school has provided a quality student-centred environment and has consistently developed a track record of academic excellence.

The school is located at  Italurowo Ondo/Akure Road, Ile-Oluji Junction.




  1. Preston International School, Akure

One of the leading schools in Akure is Preston International School.

Preston's mission is to provide cost-effective world-class education in a safe, peaceful, disciplined and intellectually stimulating environment.

Their team of dedicated and well-trained teachers purpose to raise fine, well-rounded, well-educated, well-cultured, respectable, God-fearing ladies and gentlemen who will make huge contributions towards the promotion and protection of human dignity in our society.

The school aims to achieve this through the effective deployment of state-of-the-art technology and modern pedagogical approaches in addition to rich moral instruction – which reflect our Christian ethos.

The school is located at The Senior Administrative Officer, Preston International School,

P. M. B. 786, Km 6, Akure-Owo Road, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

  1. Wexford College, Akure

Wexford College pride itself as a school with the state-of-the-art facilities that are next to none in Nigeria which every student needs to excel academically, behaviourally and socially.

The school is located in a secured and serene environment which helps in enhancing learning. The classes are of the UNESCO standard with just 15 students and a maximum of 20 students. Both teaching and non-teaching staffs are committed, dedicated and dynamic.

Wexford offers world-class teaching methodology and application of an effectively wide range of teaching resources to enhance learning. They have a very strong school policy on home assignment and above all, we are committed to constant and never-ending improvement in all aspects of the school system.

The school is located at First Gate Oba-Ile Housing Estate, Akure North, Ondo State, Nigeria.

  1. Citadel International College, Ikare Akoko

Citadel International College aims to provide total education for the children, to achieve this, the school has the following objectives: To provide a conducive and an uninterrupted atmosphere for learning, to prepare students for higher and further education, to inculcate in them purposeful leadership qualities with emphasis on discipline, tolerance peaceful co-existence and high moral standards.

Citadel International College Ikare Akoko opened on 17th October 1994 at the Temporary site in Ugbe Akoko. Learning activities took off with Mrs. T.A. Oni as the 1st Principal & Leader of 11 Teaching and non-teaching staff and 67 students. The school later moved to its present and permanent site on 21st April 1996.

Location: P.M.B 261, Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria.

  1. Impact Schools

Impact High School, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, a Private Co-educational (Day/Boarder) institutions were established on the 19th September 2011 in an easily accessible and serene environment within the Government Reservation Area (GRA), Alagbaka , Akure.

This history will be incomplete without a link with the Nursery/Primary arms of the institutions which came on board with a view to "change the landscape of education system of Ondo State” as attested to by Her Excellency, Mrs. Olukemi Mimiko, wife of the Executive Governor of Ondo State, during her visit to the school, in December 2009.

As the name implies, the school kept receiving an award of excellent performance since her establishment on academics and social activities in Ondo State at the national level. To uphold the qualitative teaching and learning which the school had been noted for, expansion of becoming imperative vis-à-vis the resounding recognition and acceptability that the school.

The school is located at Impact High School, Akure, Ondo State.

  1. Telnet international schools, Akure

Telnet International School, Akure was opened in September 2016 to enhance academically sound and godly young individuals. The schools started with Creche, Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Years One–Five in the Primary section and Year Seven and Eight in the High School.

The Primary School was borne out of the desire to nurture the pupils from the cradle. The High School started with Years Seven and Eight to ensure that there is a solid foundation for the students. So far, half of the pupils in the High School are in the boarding house, while the other half are day students.

Telnet school is located at Block O, Plots 2 & 23, Industrial Layout IIesha Road,

Akure, Ondo.

  1. Watersprings schools, Akure

Watersprings is one of the best primary schools in Ondo State. Watersprings International School is a Pre-School and Primary School open to children ages 0 months – 10 years. We are situated in a safe and serene sub-urbia in the Ijapo area of Akure. Their location offers easy access to both residential and office areas. The school is purpose-built and boasts of up to date facilities in ICT, Music, CCTV monitored and ICT enabled classrooms.

The small class size ensures that learning is personalised. Watersprings International School offers a welcoming atmosphere to both parents and pupils.

The school’s curriculum is based on the National Curriculum of England, adapted to meet the needs of an International population in 21st Century Nigeria.

  1. Pacific Schools, Akure

Pacific schools rank as one of the best schools in Ondo State.

Their globally integrated curriculum with our student-centred approach to teaching combined with appropriate mentoring and the use of technology ensures that our students will lave the skills and frameworks essential for the 21st century.

Pacific schools prepare students for meaningful lives and active participation in the global community. The school believes all students can be successful and we should not underestimate what they can achieve at any age.

Hence, the school has a very high expectation of their students at all times and their teaching methods are informed by best practices around the world including Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences and McVeigh’s understanding by design.


Gbeleaje Street, Off Irese/Radio Road, Opposite Oyarugbulem.

  1. Futa Staff School Akure

Futa Staff School, Akure is one of the schools in Akure and Ondo State. It’s the staff school of the Federal University of Technology, Akure.

The school is a co-educational day and boarding school with qualified teachers with years of experience in the teaching profession.

  1. Success School, Ondo

Success International college, Ondo, Nigeria is a world-class citadel of learning with a population of over one thousand five hundred students (success kiddies university inclusive).

They train students to be academically sound, inculcate discipline, moral value and reward those who distinguish themselves in their academic pursuit so that they can be useful to the world at large.

The school has gone on an excursion to several places within Nigeria and outside. We have visited some West Africa Countries. Plans are on top gear on how the next batch of our students will be flown to BOSTONWEB College in Malaysia on Information Communication Technology (ICT).

As a part of our efforts at promoting quality education, academic excellence and reducing poverty in line with the vision 2020 of the present administration in the country, we usually give scholarship award to our students who distinguish themselves in their studies.

They are located at Success International College College Road Ondo, Lisaluwa Junction, P.O Box 1484, Ondo, Ondo State, Nigeria.

  1. Palmrock International School, Akure

Palmrock International School delivers high-quality international education that is infused with the Nigerian, American and British curricula to students in a stimulating, challenging, technologically superior, and caring environment. They aim to provide opportunities for students to achieve their full potential and at the same time teach those skills that will make them hardworking and responsible citizens.

They are located at No 1 Palmrock Street, Oda Road, Akure, Ondo State.

  1. Khadob College

Khadob College was established to train and prepare our children to face the future by combating the bane of unwillingness to learn for self-development. So far, they have made an unchangeable path with Allah by breeding leaders equipped with mental, moral and spiritual competence to face challenges of their time.

The school has also succeeded in including some ingredients that can aid the academic, moral and Islamic knowledge of inter-class and inter-school debate and quiz competition, leadership training and so on. The school cannot afford to stop working because the best is yet to come. Khadob encourages our parents and teachers to renew their commitment to efficiency and effectiveness.

Km 5, Akure-Owo express road, Oba-Ile, Ondo State

  1. Seaba Model Christian School, Akure

Seaba Model Christian College, Akure is a Private Secondary School, for Girls. It is founded in 2001 by a Christian couple who are concerned about the decline of moral standard among students in Secondary and Tertiary Institution in Nigeria.

The founding of SEABA model Christian College is a divine vision the couple have carried for twenty years after they had taught in the old Bendel State in a government girl's secondary school. The positive impacts they made on the lives of the girls spiritually and academically, coupled with the fact that they both attended Christian Mission Secondary Schools have encouraged them to found a Model Christian Girls College to enable them to achieve their God-given vision.

157 Patson Quarter Opposite National Library, Oda Road, P.O.Box 224, Akure, Ondo State.

  1. Premiere Royale

Premiere Royale International School is a Nursery and Primary School that is built to fit into parents’ lifestyle and need for quality education and unmatched care for their children.

They are so passionate about your satisfaction and our pupil’s happiness that we consistently look for better ways to make learning interesting and smarter ways to show love and care to our pupils.

Premiere Royale International School is not just a Nursery and Primary school, but a castle for life modelling unto high level of moral standards.

The school’s priority is to give all children in our care the education needed to meet the 21st-century demands in an environment of unmatched expression of love and care.

  1. Parker International School

Becky Parker College (Bpc) is a private co-educational boarding school situated some four kilometres on Oba-Ile road, East of Akure, the Ondo State capital, Nigeria.

The school seeks to adequately equip students for life in a changing world, to know, understand and appreciate the world as a world in need of positive interdependence.

The School seeks to develop the spirit of enquiry in all our students as a fundamental tool for exercising the imagination, encouraging critical thinking and stimulating intellectual development. Thus, the students in possession of these keys will unlock any opportunity that will come their way and contribute meaningfully to the community in which they may find themselves.

Km 4 Oba Ile Road, P.M.B 609 Akure, Ondo State Nigeria.

  1. Calvary International School

Calvary International School is located at kilometres 8 Oda Road, Akure. Akure the capital city of Ondo state is very fortunate to have Calvary international college School, Akure embedded in its Oda Road peaceful suburbs, towards Oda Town in Akure South Local Government away from the road, where traffic movement hooting of vehicles and car exhaust may engender impediment to the teaching-learning process.

The school atmosphere in its location is elegant in a conducive environment with a warm ambient condition. One strong feature of Calvary international school is the fact that it is purposefully built, with all necessary modern facilities in place, to create a proper school set-up aimed at stimulating academic activities.

The school is located at No. 2, Ogunsuyi Lane, Off Oda Road Akure, Ondo State.

  1. Homaj School, Ondo

The school’s mission is to empower students to become successful global citizens and responsible leaders committed to implementing innovative solutions to global challenges.

Homaj School Ondo’s vision is to engage dynamic and God-fearing leaders from diverse backgrounds by creating a year-round curriculum comprising of sciences, arts and social sciences for building knowledge and resources in their chosen professions to turn ideas into reality using concrete and measurable variables.

Itanla Akure Road, P.M.B. 526, Ondo, Ondo State.

  1. Mabest Academy

Have you ever wondered why many people in the United Kingdom, the United States or Canada retire to old people's home? This is due to the poor upbringing of children. Parents tend to emphasize formal education without infusing their wards with love and care. This foreign culture of neglecting aged parents is already creeping into our society. Their members of staff work assiduously to reverse this trend.

At Mabest Schools, the school tries to provide total training for our students to make them great in their future careers. Besides, we nurture them to love and honour their parents when they become adults: this is the expectation of all parents as they desire to eat the fruits of their labour.

Specifically, the students' performances in the Cambridge Examinations (Checkpoint, IGCSE and A-Level) have been exceptional! Besides, the school present them for NECO, WASSCE, BECE, Federal and Junior State examinations. The results are always excellent.

The school is located at Oke-IJebu Road, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

  1. Christ the redeemer International School, Akure

Christ the Redeemers International Secondary School took off as fully residential for all students with pioneer students of 14 boys and 5 girls in September 1998. The vision for the School is that of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E. A. Adeboye who enabled CRSM to oversee school by the then State Pastor of Ondo State (now R.C.C.G. Ondo Provinces I, II, III, IV, V & Ekiti I & II) Pastor Olusola Adeyeye.

As a mission school, the school has continued to impact her students positively on matters relating to having God-fearing relationship that is life-long, through spiritual exercises such as sincere worship through various arms including singing, drama, bible teaching, etc.

The teaching of values including the presentation of prizes and awards for attributes like honesty, neatness, punctuality, etc. are pursued with vigour to achieve the desired goals. The academic drive of the school has equally enjoyed the front burner as the Holy Spirit is believed to be the firing or energizing agent in obtaining the desired laudable goals.

Christ the Redeemers is located at Oda Road, P. M. B. 672, Akure, Ondo State

  1. Parker International School

Becky Parker College (BPC) is a private co-educational boarding school situated some four kilometres on Oba-Ile road, East of Akure, the Ondo State capital, Nigeria.

The college offers courses leading to General Certificate of Basic Education (GCBE), West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations(WASSCE), Senior Secondary Certificate Examination(SSCE) NECO, General Certificate of Education(GCE)Advanced Level.

Offer qualitative, comprehensive education to all children irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, creed or gender. The school seeks to adequately equip students for life in a changing world, to know, understand and appreciate the world as a world in need of positive interdependence.

Address Km 4 Oba Ile Road, P.M.B 609 Akure. Ondo State Nigeria

  1. St Louis Nursery & Primary School
  2. Idris Premiere College, Akure

IPC is a coeducational institution. It was established in 1996 but approved in 1998 by the State Ministry of Education, to provide qualitative education with the enhanced moral discipline to students from diverse backgrounds.

Location: No 9, Awule Road, Akure, Ondo State

  1. Mummy’s place schools, Akure

Mummy’s Place welcomes students from many backgrounds and Nationalities and prepares them for successful transitions to International higher grade schools and universities.

The school has educational relationships with some schools in Britain and North America. Presently our programs include opportunities for pupils with mild to moderate learning differences.

This school is a student-centred environment characterized by warm, supportive relationships between management, pupils, parents and teachers.

They offer a variety of programs which foster responsible student contributions to an increasingly complex world. The leadership trait in every child is nurtured to fruition. The school comprises of both the primary section named Mummy's Place Elementary School and the secondary school, named Emplace College.

  1. Others

Now over to you. If there is any top school in Ondo State that is not in this list, feel free to suggest them in the comment session for the benefit of a parent searching for those schools.



Top grade schools in ondo

Submitted by Olufunke (not verified) on Thu, 02/27/2020 - 21:40

I think I can recommend Dominion science Academy owo. It's a school with sauce

Deeper life high school is a school with distinction
Kingshouse international School owo is highly recommended for all round success. Kings are being raised for the future

Top grade school

Submitted by Abimbola (not verified) on Fri, 03/06/2020 - 07:36

I also think that Model college in Akure is a good school.

best schools

Submitted by Samuel Psalm peter (not verified) on Tue, 03/17/2020 - 13:31

TOLKEM COLLEGE AKURE is one of the best schools in Ondo state located at behind jaja hotel and resort ilekun off oda road Okure Ondo state Nigeria.

LaSalle College

Submitted by Akinbusoye Olu… (not verified) on Tue, 04/28/2020 - 11:27

I believe LaSalle college ondo for boys only. Located at Arigbabola area. Has a very good quality

Idris premier college

Submitted by Nobody (not verified) on Sat, 07/11/2020 - 21:46

Remove idris premier college they don't deserve it. All they do is flog the students all day.

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