Top 5 Best Schools in Lokoja, Kogi State

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Top 7 Best Schools in Lokoja, Kogi State

Are you a Nigerian parent living in Kogi State?  Do you want to know the best schools in Lokoja, Kabba, Kogi State and its environment for your children? If so, rest assured, this blog post will help you find answers to your important questions.

You will find the list of the top 7 best schools in Lokoja and its environs very useful.

But before we go into the list of leading schools in Kogi proper, there are some interesting facts about Kogi State that you will find interesting, let’s briefly discuss a few of those facts below:

  • The confluence of the two greatest rivers that run across Nigeria, the river Niger and river Benue in the city of Lokoja.   If you have travelled through Lokoja and have seen the captivating scenery of the confluence, you would testify that it is indeed a spectacular sight. This is one of the beauties of Kogi State.
  • Kogi State this state has a boundary with the highest number of states in Nigeria.  The state is connected to 10 states in Nigeria, which no other State has in Nigeria. Confluence.
  • Kogi state is one state in Nigeria which can be classified as truly diverse and at the same time unifying. The state comprises mainly of 3 ethnic groups which are the Igalas, the Igbirras and the Yoruba speaking Okun people, together with other minority groups like Ogori magongo, Gwari, Agatu/idoma and nupe speaking tribes, Bassa, Kakanda and Kupa.

Hope you found those facts very interesting? Now, let’s go to our list proper. Below is the list of the leading schools in Kogi State.

Please note that the list of the best schools in Kogi state below is not in any particular order.

Top 5 Best Schools in Lokoja, Kogi State

  1. Confluence International School, Lokoja

Confluence International School offers a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

A good foundation in learning has become vital to academics and career success in Nigeria and the world at large. Expectations have also climbed higher than ever before. High expectations and a supportive environment are among the keys to providing a veritable foundation for children.

Their passion and tradition of outstanding excellence in academics and character sets us apart. As they work to get even more children into caps and gowns, the school is also experimenting with innovative instructional methods.

Location:  Confluence International School, Lokoja, Kogi State.

  1. Scholars World Academy

Established in 2007, Scholars World Academy is one of the leading schools in Kogi State.

The school has witnessed phenomenal successes in growing the dreams of every child like flowers. They are unique Missions and co-educational institution located in a serene environment and committed to delivering high-quality standard and pedagogical leadership.

The school runs vibrant and well-structured learning programmes specific to every child and designed to help their students realize their full potential with a strong devotion to discipline and qualitative behaviour. Today, Scholars World Academy is proudly standing on the top of the list of schools providing qualitative education in Nigeria, Africa and even globally. Their several awards and recognition speak for itself.




  1. Federal Government Girls’College, Kabba

Federal Government Girls’ College Kabba, Kogi State came into being in May 1995 with a total of 155 girls. The college site has always been a place for Learning, starting from Women Teachers’ College to Kabba Teachers’ College, to Government Science Secondary School and now FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GIRLS’ COLLEGE KABBA.

The college, however, inherited facilities that were in a poor state. But efforts are continuing to put the school in good shape. The population of the student has steadily increased from 155 in 1995 to about 1,200 consisting of Junior and Senior components.

In the same vein, the academic performance of students in WASCE and NECO is steadily improving. They hope to reach an enviable level of excellence in due course.

They are located at Along Kabba/Obajana – Lokoja Road, Kabba, Kogi State Nigeria.

  1. Al-Azhar International College, Lokoja

Al-Azhar International College is one of the best Muslim schools in Kogi State, Nigeria.

The school is a full boarding co-educational institution. Al-Azhar International College combines world-class secular and Islamic education with high moral training (based on Islamic teachings and ethics) to build outstanding and disciplined future leaders for all aspects of human existence.

The school is located at Obajana, Lokoja, Kogi State Nigeria.

  1. Julitola School, Lokoja

Julitola School is a school that lays the foundation for a bright future for children. The school is a home away from home located in a serene and conducive environment for learning in Kogi State.

The school has qualified teachers and facilities to help their wardens to get the best qualitative education. They promise to produce outstanding leaders with good morals and above all, with the fear of God.

They are located at TPS 62, Block 21 Plot 1 Crusher (Gada-shagari),

Along Okene Road, Lokoja, Kogi State.


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