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24 October, 2021

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Top 7 best aviation schools in Nigeria

Nigerian College of Aviation Technology Dhaewood Aviation Business School International Aviation College Landover Aviation Business School Universal School of Aviation Aeroconsult Aviation Others Studying flight courses in the best aviation school and becoming a professional and certified pilot is the dream of many young


Do they often wonder? Where are schools of aviation located in Nigeria? What is the best aviation school in Nigeria? How do I apply for aviation in school in Nigeria? And a host of other questions around aviation schools in Nigeria.

In this post, I will acquaint you with the best aviation schools here in Nigeria and help you find answers to some of the questions you might have around become a pilot in Nigeria.

Before I tell you more about the best aviation schools that I will be discussing in this post, here are a few things you should know about aviation and flight training.

What is flight training?

Flight training is a course of study used when learning to pilot an aircraft. The overall purpose of primary and intermediate flight training is the acquisition and honing of basic airmanship skills.

Flight training can be conducted under a structured accredited syllabus with a flight instructor at a flight school or as private lessons with no syllabus with a flight instructor as long as all experience requirements for the desired pilot certificate/license are met.

Typically, flight training consists of a combination of two parts: Flight Lessons are given in the aircraft or in a certified Flight Training Device Ground School has primarily given as a classroom lecture or lesson by a flight instructor where aeronautical theory is learned in preparation for the student's written, oral, and flight pilot certification/licensing examinations.

Below is the list of top 7 aviation schools in Nigeria

Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria

NCAT is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria. The College boasts of more than 50 years of experience in providing human resource development in the aviation industry in Africa and is well on its way to becoming a reputable global provider of aviation training.

NCAT undertakes training programmes to meet both national and international requirements. Training is also provided in non-aviation specific areas such as computer equipment maintenance and satellite communication principles.

Since its inception, NCAT has produced well over 20000 professionals for the Aviation industry in Nigeria and beyond. Their aviation training programmes are in conformity with ICAO standards and recommended practices.

The College has recently acquired a 3D Visual Tower Simulator, 2 BELL 206 Helicopters, and a B737 Aircraft for Cabin Crew training. Their fleet consists of 14 single-engine TAMPICO TB9, 5 single TRINIDAD TB20, 3 Twin engine Beech 58, and 1 TBM 850 aircraft for flight training.

NCAT is an associate member of ICAO TRAINAIRPLUS, which is aimed at aligning the College with the ICAO initiative of standardizing and improving the quality of aviation training worldwide. It is also registered with the Aviation Accreditation Board international.

In addition to our regular training programmes, courses are also tailored to meet specific user needs and could be done on-site. NCAT offers an excellent, peaceful, safe, and healthy environment for academic pursuits. International Aviation College, Ilorin International Aviation College, Ilorin is an aviation training school in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

The school is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria as of today. The college was established in 2011 by the Kwara State Government through a public-private partnership with an aviation consult.

The college is located along Airport Road, Ilorin, and is very close to the Ilorin international airport. The college has trained over 110 pilots since its establishment.

Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS)

Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS) is a private professional training institution. Since the inception of the institution in 2005, it has achieved this laudable objective in a very large dimension.

The institute also caters to the professional needs of many ambitious school leavers by providing them excellent & quality training, such that makes them easily employable in the aviation/travel & tourism industry, anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, it caters for the needs of the working & business class students/tight scheduled individuals who cannot leave their jobs for further studies, by providing both full-time-part-time courses & self-study [learn at your pace] programs in aviation, transport, and tourism.

The school also has a special advanced programme available for mature, business-minded professionals who intend to set up, operate airlines, travel agencies, tourism companies, accommodation & hotel business, and allied organizations.

At the institute, they offer some specialist courses in management, strategic marketing & sales, business management, these are specifically designed for managers at different levels of an organization, airlines & other aviation/travels & tourism allied organizations that need adequate knowledge of business strategic management for improved performance.

Their office location is 30, Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway Cement Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Landover Aviation Business School Landover Aviation Business School is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

The school is an NCAA (Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority) approved and an IATA (International Air Transport Association) authorized training Institute in Nigeria. LABS exists to instill in students, a higher sense of professionalism to enable them to excel in their specialized area(s) of aviation practice.

The school also integrates Nigerian Aviation and Air Travel Professionals into the mainstream of latest technology and expertise in the highly dynamic global aviation industry by providing them both theoretical and practical training; to be facilitated by qualified and specialized resident and international instructors.

Universal School of Aviation

This institution is developed to meet the needs of the aviation industry by way of producing well-trained staff for both domestic and international aviation-related organizations.

Since its inception, the institute has recorded tremendous achievements in the area of manpower development and also reduces the rate of unemployment through our employment opportunity which is given to all students.

Students and close partners abbreviate the name of the institution and came up with U.S.A as an acronym for UNIVERSAL SCHOOL OF AVIATION. U.S.A is approved by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) under the umbrella of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to take up training which leads to the issuance of Certificates and License.

U.S.A has grown to become a household name in the country`s aviation sector by becoming the first and only approved aviation school to have approval by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to run a satellite campus in Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja).

Aeroconsult Aviation Aeroconsult

Aviation Training is a leading specialist aviation consultancy firm in Nigeria offering services in operations, engineering, and management consulting to aviation and allied industries.

It is also approved by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority as an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) with Approval No.: ATO/AA/002.

It was established in October 1993 as a direct consequence of the need to offer unparalleled development and technical backup to both established and up-and-coming aviation and allied firms at home and abroad.

With a core of professionals whose expertise impacts directly on the quality of project execution, coupled with its years of experience, Aeroconsult is arguably a reference point in the aviation sector.

They are located at 29, Adeniyi Jones Avenue Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria Others There are other good aviation schools in Nigeria but these are the ones we have discussed in this post.

Now, you might have some other questions about aviation schools in Nigeria. Which is the best aviation school in Nigeria The best aviation schools in Nigeria are those we have mentioned above.

Where is School of Aviation located in Nigeria? The School of aviation in Nigeria is located in Zaria, Kaduna State; Kwara State. Lagos Nigeria and other locations. How many years does it take to become a pilot in Nigeria? You have to spend several years in school, learn how to fly and earn your flying hours.

A pilot diploma is a good document that can positively influence the aircraft company to hire you. Besides studying for 4 years, you have to earn from 40 to 4000 hours if you wish to receive a certificate and get a job. Requirements for an aviation school in Nigeria You must be 18 years of age to begin. You must have finished your high school education (or equivalent). You must read, write, speak English proficiently. You need a valid international passport. You will be a full-time student, attending classes 5 days per week.

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