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Bournvita Tech Bootcamp

The Bournvita Tech Boot Camp provides Nigerian children between 9 – 16 years scholarships and the platform to achieve their STEM (tech) dreams.



Since 2019, Bournvita has given over 650 children scholarship opportunities in STEM. This is in line with the brand’s purpose of collaborating with parents to assist their children in the pursuit of their dreams. Bournvita is fortified with 17 vitamins and minerals including iron which is essential for brain and mind development. It provides children the nourishment and inner strength to pursue their dreams. The relevance of STEM in today’s world cannot be overestimated. The Bournvita Tech Boot Camp provides Nigerian children between 9 – 16 years the platform to achieve their STEM (tech) dreams.

Our curriculum is intensive enough to meet real life needs and many of our graduates have proceeded to build problem solving robots, drones, and apps. Some have even won tech competitions in Nigeria & beyond.

Cadbury Bournvita will be offering 500 Nigerian children a STEM scholarship in 2022, via the Bournvita Tech Boot Camp platform. Our platform has become increasingly competitive, because of the value associated with it.


As technology continues to grow, we seek ways to improve our curriculum every year to ensure we are adding value to our participants. This year, we have added 2 new modules. Our 2022 modules include:

  • Robotics & Software Development
  • Gaming & 2D Animation
  • 21st century skills - Collaboration, Communication, Problem solving, Creativity and Critical thinking
  • Computer vision with Machine Learning & AI (New module)
  • Explore science with Space Technology (New module)

How to enter:

  • Step 1 – Buy a 500g or 900g Bournvita Jar
  • Step 2 – Send a 1 minute video of your child discussing,“If you were to develop a technology to solve a problem, what would it be?Tell us the problem and the technology.”
  • Step 3 – Show preparation and consumption of Bournvita in the video, using the 500g/900g jar
  • Step 4 - Share video on your social media page and tag Bournvita Ng on Facebook & Instagram using#BournvitaTechBootCamp2022 #BournvitaTechBootCamp #StrengthtoDream
  • Step 5 - Complete your application by filling your details here

Criteria for selection:

  • All applicants must be between ages of 9 & 16 by 31st of July 2022.
  • Display of 500g/900g Jar, preparation, and consumption of Bournvita.
  • A convincing content and delivery style.
  • Content ownership (All presentations should be original. Applicants must not be seen reading a script or receiving support in the video recording).
  • As this is a Tech training that requires the use of laptop and internet, we expect that all applicants already have access to these, so a crisp video quality as proof of access to these.

Other information

  • The Tech Boot Camp is fully sponsored by Bournvita.
  • It is scheduled to be held from 8th August till the 26th August 2022.
  • Entry closes on July 31, 2022.

Important Instruction

Do not forget to complete the registration form here after you have uploaded your child’s video. The video should be uploaded on your Instagram or Facebook account, while tagging @BournvitaNG. Use#BournvitaTechBootCamp, #BournvitaTechBootCamp2022 and #StrengthToDream. The caption of the video should contain the name of your child.

The Bournvita Tech Boot Camp 2022 will take place on Zoom. Do not register if your child does not have access to a laptop and internet.

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