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Plot 1-9, Ilorin /Katsina Road Marafa Estate
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Adeyemo Schools are established and organized mainly for instruction and learning within a formal system in order to develop the potentialities, knowledge, competencies, behavioural patterns and value system of children, youths and adults alike.

Adeyemo Schools strives towards achieving EXCELLENCE in learning, competencies, character, and the acquisition of skills in the knowledge of information revolution, arts, commercial, (entrepreneurship) science and technology. The group of schools takes giant strides towards being among the best if not the best in manpower training and development in the nation.

Programs Offered
Nursery and Primary education

Adeyemo Professional Services Limited in its efforts to contribute to the educational development of the country and Northern region particularly, established the first independent tuition House named Adeyemo Accountancy Tutors in Kaduna in 1986. The major objective of the tuition centre was to offer Continuing Education Services to Adults and to particularly encourage and train individuals to become Professionally qualified Accountants and Bankers,as well as qualifies others for University admission.

Hence. Adeyemo professional Tuition Centre was established on 21st August, 1991to organise remedial classes for “O” level students. The huge success achieved further propelled the desire to do more. The Senior Secondary arm of the college came on board first on 10th September, 2001. But the full fledge College started a year later by 12th September, 2002 (i.e. JS1-JS3 & SS1-SS3) at Plot C2, Ibrahim Taiwo Road by Ibadan Street, Kaduna. Parents of our Students in the college appealled for the commencement of the Nursery/Primary section due to the high level quality of learning seen in our past graduates at the College level. Our graduating SS3 Students do not only come-out in flying colours, they also secure admission into Tertiary Institutions at home and abroad; as well as coming top of their classes/courses in their various universities. Acas Nursery/Primary School came on board on 8th September, 2007; while the computer School started January 7th, 2008. Adeyemo Schools are therefore peculiar in their mode of establishment. The determination to ‘do it right from the start’ gave us the motto HARDWORK FOR EXCELLENCE

The need to bring children and future Leaders together for sound academics and high moral upbringing thereby catching them young and instilling in them the right faculty from the Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Primary and up to Secondary levels became necessary to safeguard the future of our younger generation. To this effect, we employ seasoned and professional teachers who are qualified in their various disciplines and who are dedicated to the well-being of the children.


Plot 1-9, Ilorin /Katsina Road Marafa Estate

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