Forbes Royal School

Plot No. 8 Rabah Road Malali
Academic Year
2021/2022 Academic Session
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Call Center: +234 810 277 0229
About Us

Forbes Royal School is an Ivy League cum Silicon Valley standard pre-school and primary school. Our school is modeled based on Finlands’ education system and is blended with extracts of other world best curriculum designed towards preparing pupils with foundation skills and trending digital knowledge needed to thrive in the 21st century. The school is one with a vision to redefine educational priorities and develop pupil’s mindset through creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration in a conducive atmosphere to express innovative ideas while becoming increasingly curious about the world around them and feeling empowered to change it for better.

Programs Offered
Basic Literacy and Numeracy (English Language, Mathematics, Science, 21st Century Technology and other foundation subjects)
Digital Literacy (coding, programming, animation, app development)
Classic Sports (Skating, swimming, hovering, ball skills)
Royal Sports (Golf, polo, tennis)
Enhancement Program (Rubik's, Scrabble, Chess)
Finishing Program (Dining etiquettes, conversation skills, behavioral management, social confidence, protocol of public places)
Buffer Program (Intelligence and emotional fostering, bridging academic gaps, cognitive skills, logic and reasoning)
Admission Requirements

We accept applications to meet educational needs of children between 2-11 years.

Admission Procedures

The following outlines the admission procedures;
• Form pick-up
• Submission of Completed Form
• Preliminary SWOT Analysis
• Issuance of Admission Letter
• Payment of fees
• Issuance of Uniforms and Books
• Personalized student e-mail set-up
• Resumption
• First Day Pictures
• Classmates Introduction

Subjects Offered
English and Language Skills
Basic Science
21st Century Technology
Social Studies
Creative Arts and Craft
Finishing Program
Current Affairs
Classic Sports
Royal Sports
Security Measures In School
Certified professional Security Guards and Surveillance Cameras

Plot No. 8 Rabah Road Malali

School Address

Plot No. 8 Rabah Road Malali
Kaduna North LGA Kaduna

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