Good Shepherd School

38B, FPF Avenue, Off Campbell Road, Dalemo, Alakuko, Ogun State.
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2021/2022 Academic Session
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About Us

The location of the school in a quiet Lagos State suburb is a great advantage as this affords a conducive, pollution-free atmosphere for optimal teaching-learning encounters. With qualitative, well-thought out academic programmes and policies, as well as its humane staff welfare packages, the Good Shepherd Group of Schools attracts a large crop of stable and seasoned tutors who have garnered many years of on-the-job practical teaching experience. Currently, the staff strength stands above two hundred (200). 

Programs Offered
Nursery and Primary, Secondary
Admission Requirements

Prospective students/pupils are required to purchase forms in the school premises or at the designated centers.  They are to carefully supply the information required.

Admission Procedures

Entrance exams are written to determine the ability of a child and the class they will fit into.
Entrance Examinations are written every third Saturday from the month of March to September each year.

Payment is made through any of the designated banks or our Point of Sale (POS) machine.


The Good Shepherd Group is set to go into the next decade as a model school in Nigeria with branches in all states of the federation. In realization of this noble dream, the Ogun State campus opened up for big time academic activities in September, for the 2006/2007 session. 

Without doubt, the high reputation enjoyed at home has positioned the school for greater recognition beyond the local frontiers. The Good Shepherd Group of Schools is a full-fledged, duly registered member of the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA), and a British Council approved school for Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). 

Education is the principal and dynamic process of change known and used by man. Yet, every discerning parent knows that education involves much more than schooling. Education in the Good Shepherd perspective helps a child come to grips with God (the Maker and Mover of all things), with him/herself and with creation at large. At the Good Shepherd Schools, we count it our calling and life-course to turn out fully integrated, well-adjusted, balanced, sound, and effective citizens who will be an asset to the nation and the world at large. 

As a school, we seek to provide equitable access to appropriate literacy and essential life-skills programmes for ALL children without any disparity in race, gender or any other demographic characteristics. Human and material resources are garnered to yield overall positive and enriching environmental influences. 

Teaching - learning encounters take place in an environment devoid of violence, pollution and abuse of any kind, thus ensuring the health, safety and security of school children of ALL ages. Staff composition and disposition result in a pervasive sense of warmth and serene learning atmosphere which enhances pupil's overall physical, psycho-social, moral and spiritual development. Our management efficiency is indexed by goal-directedness, promptness of action, team spirit, excellent vision, and foresight. 

Memorable learning experiences are provided to make pupils grow as persons in their own rights. We are poised to take pupils through an educational experience that shapes their social life, their self-concept, and occupational future. For maximum gains in learning, classroom activities are graded according to age, stage of development and level of readiness of the child. 

We are passionate about the general well-being and future happiness of our school products, therefore, our educational goals address four major concerns viz - personal development (individuality), socialization (citizenship), economic productivity (vocation), and further learning (i.e. life-long independent learning). 

Our curricular and co-curricular activities serve the overriding purpose of helping learners develop skills, knowledge and understanding, good work and study/leisure habits, appreciation of art and the development of their own innate and creative potentials for future work success and overall personal adjustment and self actualization. 

Moreover, we consider that the development of social skills, attitudes and spiritual consciousness is of no less importance than academic knowledge and skills. Hence, we seek to develop learners' capacity to engage in enriching and non-exploitative relationships with others and with the world around. It is our major pre-occupation to tap learner's God-endowed talents for their God-intended roles. We also seek to provide a solid base for an enriching educational and training programme for economic empowerment of today's budding youth. The Good Shepherd educational world is thus, not just a preparation for life; it is life itself in all its fullness. 


38B, FPF Avenue, Off Campbell Road, Dalemo, Alakuko, Ogun State.


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Good Shepherd School
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Academic calendar for 2017/2018 session

Submitted by Mr Adeyemo (not verified) on Tue, 08/15/2017 - 11:29

we want to know when the school is resuming in September and when are they closing for the Xmas break

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