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Dansoman-Sahara, Accra
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HIS MAJESTY ACADEMY offers a wide range of courses in an environment students have described as friendly, welcoming and conducive for Academics. We are particularly proud of our records of being a center for Academic excellence, and records of our past students / graduates getting admissions into other tertiary institutions to pursue degree programs soon after completing their courses.

Admission Procedures

His Majesty Academy aims to offer the highest quality learning environment in which students are motivated and supported in order to achieve their full potential in their academic discipline as members of society and as individuals.

It is the schools policy that all applicants are considered mainly on merit and their academic potential.

Applications will be considered on the bases of  prior academic achievement.

An interview maybe part of admission process, this is to enable teachers to find out more about the candidate, as well as assessing the academic potential and whether they will be complete their course successfully.


His Majesty Academy was established in August 1998 as a private school to run extra classes for J.S.S. 3 Graduates, waiting to enter into Senior Secondary School, with five (5) students and seven (7) teachers. Our aim was to build a solid foundation for these young ones as they prepare to meet the challenges of the secondary Program.

In 1999, the school organized S.S.S vacation Classes to further prepare, monitor and train its students and other new students at the secondary school level.

Considering the challenges most S.S.S. Graduates encounter to gain admission into the University, the Institution decided to further train and prepare students with poor results for the November/December exams to enable them meet admission requirements of various Tertiary Institutions hence, the need of helping students to fulfill their dreams as far as their academics is concerned.

In view of this, in the year 2000, the school started operating as a Remedial Centre for Senior High Graduates. So far the school has trained and prepared over fifteen thousand (15000) candidates who have obtained new qualifications, most of which have gained admissions into various Tertiary Institutions in Ghana and Overseas. Most of our past students are gainfully employed in various organizations notably among them are Bankers, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Lecturers, Accountant and many more.

In addition, His Majesty started a Computer Training School in April 2002. In that same year the School began preparing students to sit for International Examinations such Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). During the same period(2002), the school introduced some Professional Courses such as ACCA, CIB, ABCE,GBCE, NVTI Secretarial courses for both workers and students who wish to obtain new qualification.

In 2007/2008, the institution having provided quality education, inspiring as well as instilling academic discipline into about 15,000 students over the years was fully prepared to run a Senior High School as a result of this Ghana Education Service (GES) upon thorough inspection gave the school the necessary recognition and approval to establish a regular secondary school.


Dansoman-Sahara, Accra


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His Majesty Academy
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