Kinder Paradise School

F300/4, Osu-La Crescent Road, Nyaniba Estates, Osu – Accra P.O.Box MS 2 Mile Seven
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Ghana, being a developing country, faces similar difficulties as other countries in the same situation. Migration to the cities, insufficient infrastructure, and instable economic situations affect the poorest members of society the most, with children being the most vulnerable and afflicted.

A growing number of street children over the past decade recorded over 60,000 street children in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, in a census conducted in February, 2012.

Kinder Paradise aims at this target group, contributing its support in a context where government cannot provide sufficient aid for the need of such children.

It runs two facilities and a school, and takes care of more than 150 children inside and outside the Homes, with the aim of re-integrating them into society as independent and responsible citizens.


Kinder Paradise is a non-profit organization, registered in Accra, Ghana, W-Africa, with the Registrar General and the Department of Social Welfare. It was founded in 1998. Mrs. Silke Roesner, a founding member, is the director of Kinder Paradise.


F300/4, Osu-La Crescent Road, Nyaniba Estates, Osu – Accra P.O.Box MS 2 Mile Seven

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