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Our students come from all walks of life; they pursue academic excellence, excellent varied co-curricular activities and personal development which will enable them to take a leading role in an ever-changing world. The school is situated on the Agudza Hills of Krobo Odumase in the Southern part of the Eastern Region that offers a serene environment for academic work as well as a panoramic view for relaxation and security. We are proud of our school community, which offers an excellent teaching and learning environment. Students and staff work together in a warm, friendly environment demonstrating an exceptional display of dedication and harmony.
Krobo Girls Presbyterian Senior High School is a public school well known for its Presbyterian discipline that seeks to provide excellent tuition to all categories of children, both Ghanaian and the international community living in Ghana.


Krobo Girls’ Presbyterian Senior High School originally started at Abokobi in the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana in 1923 by Scottish Missionaries at the Presbyterian Mission House. In 1924 the addition of more senior classes to the earlier classes made it impossible for the existing premises to accommodate future developments. They started looking for a suitable location to move the school when coincidentally one of the missionaries Miss Elliot was taken ill by yellow fever. The medical department advised the missionaries to relocate to a more favourable and healthier climate or district. Hence the final decision to relocate but to where?

Around the same period the Konor of Manya Krobo, Sir Emmanuel Azu Mate Kole I invited the Scottish Mission to come to his country and to begin work among girls. His reason being that no work has been for the girls of the Krobo tribe since the Basel Mission days and he knew that so long as the women of his tribe remained uneducated so long would the tribe be backward. He promised to give land and to assist with buildings.

In 1925, the Scottish Mission went to Krobo country under Miss Suzie F. Lamont to look for a site and do the clearing and to start building. The present site of Agodza Hill was the second site suggested by the Konor who himself had wanted to build on this site for his retirement. So the building began in earnest.

In February 1927, the school was officially opened by the then Governor of the Gold Coast (now Ghana) Sir Gordon Guggisberg and on 1st March 1927 the school started with two classes – a Standard 4 of 16 girls and an Infant 1 of 6 children and that was the humble beginning of Krobo Girls’ Secondary School.

The constructions of various buildings at various periods were funded by individuals and church congregations from Scotland and the local churches and congregations from Somanya, Odumase, Sra, Manyakpongunor and Kpong hence the naming of the buildings after such towns like Edinburgh, Denburn, Inverness, Callander, Breaside, Cairns, Falkirk, Achnashee, Brodick, The Knock, Neuk, Glasgow etc.

Work on water installation was began in 1954 and completed in 1955 and other infrastructural developments were added by the Government of Ghana as the need be. Some of the notable Scottish Missionaries who helped to build Krobo Girls were Miss Suzie F. Lamont, Miss C. P. Moir, Miss E. M. Moir, Miss E. B. Harris and Miss J. C. Forman.

The school was changed to a Teacher Training College in 1944 with the name Krobo Teacher Training College with the Girls School still serving as the Demonstration School. The School and the College were handed over to the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast in March 1950. The schools continued to live together and share same facilities until 1954 when the school moved to new buildings and named after the then Principal, Miss J. C. Forman as Forman Memorial School, which has remained to date but presently as a mixed school.

In 1975, the school was converted into a Secondary School for girls with the Training College phasing out. And in 1990 the school again was changed into a Senior Secondary School.

The first Ghanaian Headmistress of the school was Miss Agnes Akoto from 1975-98 followed by Mrs. Gladys Kabuki Appiah from 1999 to 2008 and Mrs. Rene Boakye Boaten (Director of Education, Eastern Region) 2008 to 2009 as acting headmistress and currently Ms Cecilia Obenewa Appiah from 2009 to date as the substantive headmistress.

Academic Programmes offered are General Arts – I, II and III, General Science (I & II), Business and Vocational – Home Economics and Visual Arts.

This year 2011 marked the 84th Anniversary of Krobo Girls on the Agodza Hill in Krobo Odumase in the Eastern Region of the Republic of Ghana after the seed for girls education was planted in Kroboland in 1927 with 16 girls has grown into a mighty tree of 1,600 girls with a teaching staff of 64 and still growing.

In the last few years school has seen a lot of infrastructural development with assistance and support from the Government of Ghana, Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund), the PTA and internally generated funds. Some of the notable ones are the construction of a 6-unit classroom block, tarring of the school roads, construction of an Assembly Hall Complex, construction of two 2-storey dormitory blocks and the walling of the school. The school is among the top senior high schools in the country with high academic records and moral standards as well as sports and other co-curricular activities like debates and quizzes

We salute the Church of Scotland and the Presbyterian Church of Ghana for their initiative as well as other collaborators and stakeholders.


P.O.BOX 47,Krobo


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Submitted by Mrs Denou p. janer (not verified) on Fri, 04/13/2018 - 18:03

I kinky want to find out if can get assurance letter please. thanks

Akua Dwamena

Submitted by Patricia Klarl (not verified) on Wed, 10/31/2018 - 14:19

Akua Dwamena is now attending the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, Bronx, NY. Would you kindly send an official transcript for this student to my attention at Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, 1363 Fulton Ave, Bronx, NY 10456.
I am not clear as to how often your core classes and elective classes meet per week. Would you please explain your schedule? Also, I found the curriculum for the core classes but is there any way you can share with me the curriculum for the elective classes?
Thank you. You can email me at
Thank you,

Ms. Klarl - School Counselor

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