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2021/2022 Academic Session
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About Us

There were only 34 students when Lakeland College opened in 1913. Today we have two campuses and over 8,000 full- and part-time students --- but Lakeland is as tight-knit as ever.

Our classes are small, so your instructors get to know you --- not just your name but also your wants, needs, hopes, and fears. They can sense when to challenge you and when to cut you some slack. If you have a question or a concern, the door’s always open.

Same goes for all the student services we offer - from financial aid to peer tutoring, counselling to recreation.

Lakeland’s comfortable setting allows you to focus on learning. Our award-winning programs are designed to for an easy transition into the work force and/or further study here or somewhere else. You’ll get a university-caliber education here --- but without the red tape, the big crowds and the distractions.

It's also a great place to work. We were listed as one of Alberta's top 70 employers in 2017.

Programs Offered
Undergraduate and Graduate
Admission Requirements

Undergraduate-Very strong WAEC, Graduate-first class or second class upper(4.0 and above)

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Subjects Offered
Business, Health, Engineering, Sciences, Arts
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