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No 3, 7 & 11 Bamidele street, Ile-Iwe Bus Stop, Egbe.
Academic Year
2020/2021 Academic Session
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Children are born into this world without any form of information in their minds. They are open-minded, innocent, bearing no malice or grudges. Their minds can be likened to blank slates upon which one can scribble (write) various things about character and behaviour, manners and other ways of life. We know and believe that every child is a product of his/her environment. As you are also aware, every child is at the mercy of those around him/her; therefore, any parent should feel concerned about those to be trusted with the responsibility of caring for the child particularly during the formative years, 0-7 years. To every child, life is as simple as A, B, C and every child is inquisitive, sensitive and over-anxious. A child does not and cannot sense any danger until he/she experiences the repercussions more than once. The child is always in a hurry and to every child, any major celebration like Christmas, New Year or birthday party should be done everyday.

LATMOS Foundation School provides a suitable environment for children of Creche, Nursery and Primary school ages. The saying that “you can give only what you have to other people” comes to play here. LATMOS Foundation School gives care, attention, courage, honesty of purpose, good character and a lot more to ensure a sound beginning for your child. We know that every child of school age is eager and willing to learn something; and if possible, make experiments on what he hears, sees, or reads. We know that every child has a burning desire to be educated. Our curriculum caters for the needs of all the pupils and the larger society. Our curriculum is relevant and dynamic. As you already know, we give recognition for diligence, honesty and creativity. Visit us today and you will be glad you did

Programs Offered
Nursery and Primary education

No 3, 7 & 11 Bamidele street, Ile-Iwe Bus Stop, Egbe.

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