Le Poshe School

25 Sir Tony Eromosele Street, Parkview Estate
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School Fees Discount: 50%
About Us

Le Poshe School is a beautiful and efficient Nursery and Primary School located in Ikoyi- Lagos state. We provide an exceptional learning experience for every child who attends our school, offering quality education and care to every child. The Nursery section has a playgroup class admitting children from 3 year old, while the primary section runs from Grade one to 5.

Le Poshe School is dedicated to ensuring that each child who comes here finds acceptance, encouragement and motivation to attain his/her purpose.

Programs Offered
Admission Requirements


General Requirements on Admission

  1.  2 recent passport photo of the child.
  2.  1 recent passport photo each of Father and Mother.
  3.  Birth Certificate.
  4.  Updated immunization records.
  5.  Transcript from previous school (if applicable)
Admission Procedures

Le Poshe School is a great place to give your child the best education they truly deserve. Our admission process is easy, you’ll be required to fill an admission form for your child at the school premises or visit our website to download a copy.


25 Sir Tony Eromosele Street, Parkview Estate


School location

Le Poshe School

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