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The aim of the school is to inculcate sound Catholic principles in the child from the onset and to give the best to the Church and the Nation. The objective of the establishment was to provide holistic education to the child thereby equipping him or her to grow up as a citizen, useful to himself and the country, and pleasing in the sight of God.


From this humble beginning and with the constant support of the Diocese, the Sisters left no stone unturned to move the school forward. The growth of the school did not waver at any point.

Just like any pioneering venture it was not an easy task. It was a big challenge with little educational material to start with. By the end of the academic year in 1977 the population had risen to 52. Soon the school grew and became famous till now.

Martyrs of Uganda Preparatory School, what a name! Many will remark. There is so much to a name particularly in the African context. Such was the reason for naming the school after the Ugandan Christians who suffered death because of their faith in Jesus Christ and of their good moral living.

These virtues are aptly expressed in the School Motto “Onward Ever, Backward Never”. The heroic life of those Christians will inspire the children always to live good lives.


Post Office Box SN 692, Santasi


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Martyrs of Uganda Preparatory School
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