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9 Igbariam Street/10 Owelli Street/5/7 Patez Crescent Achara Lay Out, Enugu.
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About Us

MBS is not just ONE More school in the already long list of educational institutions in the “Coal City”, but it is ONE school which has made a great difference in its Qualitative journey of over three decades. At MBS,we care not only about the academic excellence of our students,but also their character.We create a very healthy and secure atmosphere for academics,sports and extra curricular activities.Here at MBS, we inculcate good morals such as love,empathy,respect,integrity,charitableness and credence because we believe that character education is equally as important as academic education.These core values cannot be overemphasized as they all help to build a total child.

Our children represent our hopes and dreams. As a parent, you certainly want the best for your child and we are more than indeed happy to be working with you to ensure that they are given the best knowledge to face future challenges. “If a planter takes good care of a planted seed/plant,it will grow and produce good fruits. Therefore, children must be given a good education from their earliest childhood.”

Programs Offered
Nursery, Primary and Secondary education

May Blossom School started modestly as a nursery school at 9 Igbariam Street Achara Lay Out Enugu in 1982 by a caring mother, an educationist and a far sighted talented woman, Chief J.C Nwosu, the GENERATION MOULDER. She is the founder of May Blossom School.

The Nursery school grew tremendously in enrolment that led to its extension site at No. 10 Owelli Street, New Era Enugu. The same encouraging growth in enrolment performance and management at Owelli site ignited the acquisition of land at No. 5/7a Patez Crescent New Era Enugu. Chief Mrs J.C. Nwosu was conscious of providing a place to absorb the nursery finalists into a higher educational institution. In 1990, May Blossom Primary School took off at No. 5/7A Patez Crescent New Era Lay out Enugu in Enugu south of Enugu State. The search for academic excellence encouraged the indomitable mother of excellence and hardwork to usher in the birth of MAY Blossom High School (MBHS) in 1997. This is a government accredited private school that stands out to be one of the best schools in Enugu State. The High school took h


9 Igbariam Street/10 Owelli Street/5/7 Patez Crescent Achara Lay Out, Enugu.

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