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Plot 273 Institute and Research District, Abuja.
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Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls is an accredited Cambridge International Examination school and learners follow the Cambridge Secondary I Curriculum in the first three years of secondary education culminating in the Checkpoint examinations in English, Mathematics and Science. Learners begin a two year programme of study leading to IGCSE accreditation. The Academy where possible infuses local content into its curriculum thereby acknowledging the important role Nigeria plays in international matters.

The Academy is keen to add value to your daughter’s expected attainment and to this end every learner undertakes the Cognitive Assessment Test. This baseline assessment enables the Academy to know the potential of your daughter in terms of outcome at Checkpoint and IGCSE without placing a glass ceiling on expectation. Rather, it prevents your daughter from coasting unchallenged if she is a particularly able learner. Equally the ‘average learner’ will be set challenging but realistic academic targets to ensure that she has added value to her learning experience whilst placing realistic, objectively driven demands on every learner.

The formal curriculum is supported by a robust co-curricular programme and the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Programs Offered
Secondary Education
Admission Requirements

Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls is aligned to Cambridge International Examinations, and as such bases the age requirement on the education system in England.

To be offered a place of study the following age criteria is applied:
Year 7 aged 11 by 31st August
Year 8 aged 12 by 31st August
Year 9 aged 13 by 31st August
Year 10 aged 14 by 31st August
Year 11 aged 15 by 31st August
An offer to study at the Academy is dependent on performance in the entrance examination. The entrance examination is based on Cambridge Progress Check assessments in English, Mathematics and Science.
The entrance examination will be held on specific days of the year with a minimum of 10 prospective learners sitting the examination at any one time.
An offer to study at the Academy is dependent on performance during an informal 10 minute conversation with either the Principal or vice-Principal.
An offer to study at the Academy is also dependent on performance in Cognitive Assessment Test 4, an online assessment that assesses a prospective learner’s ability to reason / think which provides an indication of actual performance at IGCSE.
1. An application form must be completed in full in BLOCK CAPITALS. Failure to complete the application form to the expected standard will lead to the application being refused.
2. A file will then be created for the applicant which will be managed by the receptionist.
3. Before any learner is enrolled the Academy must be in receipt of all documentation:
Birth certificate
Passport photograph
Data Page of International Passport
Reports from previous school/s
References from previous school/s [for those transferring from an existing secondary school]
Medical form
Proof / receipt of payment of entrance examination
Letter offering a place of admission
No learner will be enrolled unless her file contains this information along with the initial application form.
4. It is the responsibility of the Business Development Officer to ensure that all the necessary documentation is provided.
5. The receptionist is responsible for overseeing the content of each file and making the Business Development Officer aware of missing data.
6. Before a learner is allowed to begin studying at the Academy the Senior Administrator will confirm that all documentation has been verified and in the learner’s file.

There are two ways to apply for admission into the Academy: ONLINE APPLICATION and OFFLINE APPLICATION.

Admission Procedures

You can either complete our online admission form or visit the school to pick-up the form, make the payment of the application fee, attach the receipt of payment to the form and submit by hand or by post to the school.

The application form which includes our prospectus costs N10, 000.00 per girl. The completed document should be returned with the following:

1. Photocopy of candidate's birth certificate or passport data page

2. Two recent passport photographs (taken within the last year)

3. The last two academic reports from your child's current school

4. Character reference from current school.

STEP 2 :Follow-UP
After application, a follow-up will be done (on your application) through emails and phone calls.

STEP 3 : Assessment
All prospective girls will sit a standardised test in English, Mathematics and General Knowledge.

Applicants have an option of sitting electronic (multiple choice questions) or paper-based assessment. Please indicate your preferred type of assessment at least 1 week before your scheduled date of assessment.

STEP 4 : Interview
Prospective candidate and her parents/Guardian will be invited for an interview.

STEP 5 : Offer of a Place
If the applicant is succeeds through the above, The Principal will make a formal offer of admission within two weeks of the interview. Parents have a last commitment to indicate acceptance of offer and school’s terms and conditions by paying a stipulated fees within two weeks of receipt of the offer.


Plot 273 Institute and Research District, Abuja.


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Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls, Abuja
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English Teacher/Head

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Dear Sir, Madam
Could you advise if you have any forthcoming positions for an experienced English Teacher (25 Years experience)
I have taught in Nigeria previously and would very much like to return.
Look forward to your reply

Mar Jacobson. QGM. MA.Hons.PGCE.QTS (Nottingham)

0044 798 4444447 (UK)

Nice job

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Nice job

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