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About Us

Sages and Scholars Lighthouse Academy beams its bright light on the path of excellence for young learners and all lovers of knowledge through its coaching and preparatory classes for various entrance key stage and milestone exams relevant in Nigeria and overseas.

We live in a highly competitive world, where admission into top schools and the best positions in life are keenly contested. Success is reserved for the few who excel and distinguish themselves in knowledge and life skills.
Sages and Scholars Lighthouse Academy positions you strategically on the path of success. We strongly affirm that knowledge is not limited to what lies between the covers of a page or within the four walls of a classroom but is gained even in the mundane things and in every area of life where actions, and possible sphere learning.

Whether its preparation for professional exam or completing school assignments, young learners and even adults often need support and the DIY model may not always work when solving grueling questions, completing tasks or even if all that is required additional coaching to grasp taught subjects at school. Where not resolved, this often results in disagreements, frustrations and unhealthy relationships between the learner and any one who gets in the way or tries to help

Our young talents club provides a safe haven and play den for after school activities, multi-skilled holiday boot camps and vocational workshops, reading and book clubs, educational games, performing arts and a host of other mind stretching extra curricular activities for young minds of all ages.

We provide you a stress free solution in a fun, vibrant, stimulating and safe environment where your children and wards can enjoy, learn and aspire to be the best in all areas as we promote leadership, social skills, emotional intelligence skills and raise responsible nation builders.
In our stimulating environment we provide a platform where the learner is enthused to maximize his potentials.

Our taught classes are in line with relevant Nigerian and British educational curricular and we operate under strict operational procedures regarding child safety, hygiene and quality standards.

Our Mission

To a raise a generation of children and young adults knowledgeable and skillful in the knowledge acquired through study and academics while developing their potentials in all other areas of life.

We illuminate the mind, guiding your paths to knowledge and skilled exploits. We take it beyond the books, we equip and prepare you for life

Our Vision
Our vision is to raise nation builders who while immersing themselves in knowledge take the time to exploit their God given potentials to gain skills that that equip them for life and spur them to adding value to their environment as they become great influencers and leaders of change in the society.


No 7 Sirasso Close
900287 Abuja

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