Sapati International School

Off Ajase-Ipo Road, PMB 1494, Sapati Lle Rd
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2021/2022 Academic Session
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Sapati International School creates enabling environment where boys and girls are trained to become the beacon of light to the world. With modern facilities of our disposal, we bring out the best from all of our students.

With staff who are trained to meet International Standard, our children are trained to become citizen of the world who respect themselves and respect the feelings of others.

The School is a full boarding, co-educational School where boys and girls are brought up to respect the religious feelings of others as we observe religious activities of both Christian and Muslim in a way that makes us one happy family.

In line with the spirit of making the students become world leaders, there is a center for entrepreneurship studies in the School, where student must learn a trade before graduating from the School. The center is manned by seasoned professionals.

There are voluntary leadership organizations in the School and a student must belong to one.

Our facilities are modern and manned by disciplined professional whose hand you can safely entrust the the education of your child. It is a School in a home.

Welcome to Ilorin, welcome to Sapati International School, welcome to the beacon of light

Programs Offered
Secondary Education


Sapati  International School was inaugurated on the 22nd October 2003 to provides qualitative education and inculcate moral discipline in students at secondary School level, to enable them fit into our ever changing and competitive world. It is a co-educational School

The School is situated in a quiet area of Sapati -ile, on the outskirt of Ilorin metropolis. It boasts of modern School facilities like complete boarding facilities for male and female students, science laboratories, subject rooms, library, medical center, internet based computer center, mini stadium and courts for playing games and many more.

Among its core value, the aim to nurture individual’s ability within every responsible community, and to encourage personal development in terms of academics success, physical health, moral stability and imaginative alertness

Sapati International School provides students with the inner resources not only for School, but for life. The School aims to create a happy, friendly and caring community where the individual can develop his/her personality to the fullest and learn the values and standard of the moral man/woman who becomes the beacon of light to others and the society.


Off Ajase-Ipo Road, PMB 1494, Sapati Lle Rd

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Application to be a trainer

Submitted by Obomighie grac… (not verified) on Thu, 01/30/2020 - 09:38

I would like to apply as a trainer in this great school.I am a graduate of home economics education from ambrose alli university Edo st and I have vast knowledge in some of your entrepreneurship courses and a major in fashion designing as I have trained in fashion homes.
I shall be glad if my request is granted.
Thanks in anticipation.

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