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2021/2022 Academic Session
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About Us

SILVER EMERALD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS is a royal academy which gives young minds royal perspective to life and is committed to expanding the realm of the possible in foundational and higher education; molding and developing morally upright and excellent leaders by providing a flexible, technology-enabled academic program. We are committed to deliver academic programs that are highly aligned with parents’ and guardians’ aspiration for their children/wards, which is discovering them, their talents and bringing the best out of them. There is nothing more rewarding to us than seeing a child transformed, exceeding limitation and becoming the very best and fulfilling her or his God given purpose. This will remain our top priority, and will always be the core of our mission. We are committed to the success of our pupils and students.

Programs Offered
Admission Requirements

Admission Procedure:

  1. All enquiries on admission should be directed through the office of the secretary to the Head teacher.
  2. Admissions are opened to all the classes all through the academic session.
  3. Application to the school should be made on the school form. This can be collected in the office at the rate of N5000.00 per form.
  4. Admissions should be based on the following platforms:
    1. Academic/entrance test performance which should be above average in Numeracy and Literacy for Nursery Classes or English Language and Mathematics for Primary classes and
      also General Knowledge.
    2. Age of the child guided by the following:

Crèche = 3months – 1 year

Playgroup = 1year – 1 year and 6months

Reception I = 1year and 6months – 2½years

Reception II = 2½ – 3½years

Nursery I = 3½ – 4½years

Nursery II = 4½ – 5½years

YEAR 1 = 5½ – 6½years

YEAR 2 = 6½ – 7½years

YEAR 3 = 7½ – 8½years

YEAR 4 = 8½ – 9½years

YEAR 5 = 9½ – 10½years


Note: Any child who fulfills the terms above should be considered for admission.

Admission Procedures

Important and required document for students are:

  1. A copy of birth certificate
  2. Two recent passport photographs
  3. Medical reports on (a) blood group (b) blood genotype (c) general health   report
  4. A copy of the last examination report from the previous school attended.

    5. Letter of reference from next of kin.

Section B
Parents/guardian of the child/children seeking for admission shall follow the steps below:

  1. Payment for admission form into the school bank account
  2. Presents teller of payment to the Bursar for a receipt
  3. Presents the receipt to the secretary for the admission form

Fills the admission form correctly and submit to the Secretary with photocopies of other requirements.

Section C (Entrance Test)

  1. Parent/guardian would be required to bring the children for entrance test as       scheduled by the school.
  2. The entrance test shall cover Numeracy and Literacy (infant classes), Mathematics and English Language (primary classes) test of general knowledge.
  3. The test shall be conducted in the classroom environment under the supervision of the teacher – in – charge.
  4. The teacher – in – charge marks and scores the test.
  5. The teacher writes recommendations objectively and submits the report to the Headteacher.
  6. The Headteacher meets the parent/guardian to discuss the child’s performance and the decision of the school with them.
  7. An admission letter will be issued.
  8. The Headteacher directs the parent/guardian that agreed to the school decision to the Bursary for the school fees and other details
  9. Admission letter would be printed as directed by the Headteacher and be presented to the parent/guardian in a file/jacket that contains:
    1. The school prospectus
    2. The school fees
    3. Calendar of events

             4. List of other requirements etc.


SILVER EMERALD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS is a school with Christian background aimed at building moral and academic excellence.

At Silver Emerald Schools, our students and pupils are taught the missing dimension in education—the purpose and meaning of life; the worthwhile values; the basic laws of success in life as a whole. They are given individual attention in the development of capacity, character, poise, culture and personality. Silver Emerald Schools is a unique capacity and character building institution.



School Address

Silver Emerald Street, Mosa, Ilogbo-Ota
Ado-Odo/Ota LGA Ogun


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Great school, Great Vision.

Submitted by AKINBOYO AYODEJI (not verified) on Tue, 10/25/2016 - 14:14

I so much enjoy your service. This is a great vision.

Keep it up

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