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East Legon (near Manet Palms – Ashalley Botwe New Town Down
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The Primary department is made up of classes 1-6, with classes 1-4 in one campus and classes 5-6 in the new campus. Pupils in the primary are taught using a hybrid curriculum (the GES curriculum fused with the British Pre – IGCSE).

The Primary department has its own library catering for the needs of the pupils and helping them develop the habit of reading. It also has its own computer lab where the pupils are trained to use computers at a very early age.


Programs Offered
Nursery and Primary education
Admission Requirements

The school year begins in August- September every year and this marks the peak of our admission season, however, admission goes on throughout the year as and when any vacancy is declared.

Parents/Guardians can make enquiries at Administration where admission forms can be obtained for a fee. An entrance examiniation in English and Mathematics is conducted for prospective students seeking admission into the nursery, primary and junior high to assess their academic standards. The performance of the students can determine whether or not they will be admitted into the requested class/form and this is an issue that the administrators will discuss with their parents/guardians.

New entrants are expected to pay their school fees in full for the term. Completed forms are to be submitted with full payment of fees at the accounts department.

Admission Forms are now also available online. Parents/Guardians can either download and complete the forms and submit at accounts, or complete the form online and submit directly. 

Admission Procedures




A/C SWIFT CODE: ECOCHAC - 0162074409772301


  1. To facilitate speedy processing payment, enter the pay-in slip number, branch, town and country in which payment was made
  2. Foreigners should use the foreign account for all payments
  3. If payment is by transfer then all details on the transfer should be entered in the admission form|

The genesis of the vision dates back to the year 1990. The school began at a site near Madina Social Welfare with an enrolment of only 16 pupils. The years 1991 and 1992 saw the establishment of the second and third branches which were located at Ashaley Botwe, 3rd gate down and at Ogbojo respectively. The development of the second and third branches, resulted in the merging of the Social Welfare branch with the branch at Ogbojo. A few years later, the 3rd gate branch was relocated to a much larger site, now called the St Peter's Archimedes branch.

Our 32 pioneers, who sat for our maiden Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in 1996, came out with numerous distinctions which placed the school in the number one (1) position in the Ga District. Since then, the school has covered much ground academically and has worked assiduously to improve its status. With this progress, the SHS was established in 2003.

The St. Peter's flame that was ignited in the terrain of the Ghanaian education system with a small flicker has now glowed into a powerful and resilient blaze, serving as a centre of academic excellence in the country.


East Legon (near Manet Palms – Ashalley Botwe New Town Down

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