Start-Rite School, Abuja

Plot 1036 Adesoji Aderemi Street, Off Samuel Jereton Mariere Road, After Zone E Gate, National Assembly Quarters, Gudu District
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2021/2022 Academic Session
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Children are welcome into a safe, stimulating and nurturing  environment where attention is paid to their social, physical and cognitive development.   In this stage,  play underpins all development and learning for young children.  The learning activities are designed to ensure children enjoy learning and grow in confidence towards achieving their full potential.

It is a new world when toddlers take to their feet. They walk, talk and begin to develop relationships with each other. Toddlers are terrific learners and active leaders. They are beginning to understand group play and becoming better at communicating their thoughts. This is why our play-group programme is designed to:

– provide sensory experiences that emphasise the importance of their environment and relationships;
– emphasise language development to help children turn their ideas into words and sentences;
– facilitate group activities to practice social skills such as co-operation, sharing and taking turns;

The teachers and caregivers provide an unparalleled level of interaction while individually nurturing each child. The environment is designed to keep children excited and busy as they are engaged. This makes for a stimulating day for toddlers.

A foundation for reading success begins as early as the first few months of life. Introducing toddlers to books and languages nourishes early literacy development. Toddlers focus on first words and phrases, vocabulary development, following simple directions and identifying and naming familiar items. They continue to develop their languages and communication skill through stories, singing, word games, and conversations throughout the day.

Toddlers need an environment that is interesting to explore, safe and filled with caring teachers who respond to their emotional and intellectual needs. Our program offers children a variety of fun, stimulating activities such as matching and sorting, exploring colours, counting and categorising objects.

As toddlers learn more about themselves and their abilities become aware of their social setting, they are provided opportunities for group experience which helps them gain an awareness of others and a group identity.

Programs Offered

We are a vibrant, happy, learning community that offers value-based education for your child. Our goal is to develop a confident, well-rounded student, who will possess relevant skills to be actively engaged in tackling 21st Century challenges. As a school that is passionate about securing the future of tomorrow’s leaders, we are committed to equipping our students with life, career, and innovative skills towards creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, leadership and responsibility as well as productivity and accountability. You are welcome to come to take a tour of our facility as we promise to ensure your child experiences 21st Century Learning that set him/her up to be a productive leader and an active global citizen.


Plot 1036 Adesoji Aderemi Street, Off Samuel Jereton Mariere Road, After Zone E Gate, National Assembly Quarters, Gudu District
Federal Capital Territory

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