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Founded in1951, Tianjin Medical University was the first medical institute approved by the State Council after the founding of new China. The first president of the university was Professor Xianyi Zhu, the renowned endocrinologist and medical educationist. Professor Yongfeng Shang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is now holding the post of the university president. The university is one of the national “211 Project” key universities in China.


TMU is one of the first eight pilot medical universities approved by the government for 8 years medical education and is among the first 15 pilot institutions to offer the seven-year medical program. Currently the university has 17 schools, 3 teaching departments and 1 independent school with 229 PhD supervisors and 751 Master’s student supervisors. There are 6 post-doctoral research stations, 7 Class A and 41 Class B disciplines offering doctoral degree programs; 11 Class A and 73 Class B disciplines offering master’s degree programs. In 2002 and 2008, the university successfully passed the assessments by the Ministry of Education for undergraduate and seven-year programs of higher medical education with excellent appraisal.


The university has a large number of famous professors and scholars from home and abroad. There are totally 8509 professional and technical personnel, including 568 professors, 1041 associate professors, among them are 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Science, 7 national “Thousand Talents Plan” experts, 10 visiting and specially appointed professors of “Yangtze Scholars” by the Ministry of Education, 4 “973 Chief Scientists”, 4 winners of “National Outstanding Youth Scientific Fund”, 4 national “Ten Thousand Talents Plan” leading experts, 4 experts of “National Excellent Youth Scientific Fund” supported by the National Science Foundation, 6 experts selected for “Hundred Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Projects of the New Century” by National Ministry of Personnel, 17 “Outstanding Talents of the New Century” by the Ministry of Education, 12 “Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions” by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Personnel, 3 “Innovative Teams” of the Ministry of Education, etc. Since 2005 our university has won 1 first prize and 3 second prizes of National Teaching Awards.


Currently the university has 5 national key subjects: clinical discipline of integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, oncology, urological surgery, neurosurgery, endocrinology & metabolic diseases. There are 10 key construction subjects of the national “211 project”: clinical discipline of integration of Chinese medicine and western medicine, oncology, urological surgery, neurosurgery & neurology, endocrinology & metabolic diseases, imaging & nuclear medicine, pathogenic biology & immunology, pathology & pathophysiology, public health & preventive medicine and pharmacy. The university also has 14 key provincial and ministerial laboratories subjects. Since“The Tenth Five-Year Plan, the university has undertaken 2501 scientific research projects from national, ministerial and provincial levels. It won 265 science and technology awards at provincial and ministerial levels or above, out of which are 5 national awards, 15 first provincial and ministerial prizes and 85 second prizes.


TMU has 6 university hospitals, 15 affiliated hospitals and 9 teaching hospitals, with total 19,216 teaching beds. The General Hospital has won the title of national “A Hundred Good Hospitals” and the Cancer Hospital is chosen to be a “National Model Unit in Moral Standards”.


So far TMU has offered major teaching programs in English as follows: Undergraduate Programs: clinical medicine(MBBS), stomatology, nursing; Master Program: clinical medicine, stomatology, public health & preventive medicine, medical imaging, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, medical laboratory; Doctoral Program: clinical medicine, stomatology, public health & preventive medicine, medical imaging, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, clinical medicine of Chinese and Western medicine integration, medical laboratory. For those who’d like to study medicine in Chinese, the university arranges those who are qualified after the entrance examination to study in any specialties together with Chinese students.


The university has appointed 119 world-renowned medical experts as our university’s honorary or visiting professors. It has established academic exchange and collaboration relationships with 96 universities from 22 countries and set up the “Advisory Committee of Foreign Experts”. We take the lead in international student medical education in China and our International Medical School won the first prize of the “National Teaching Achievement Award” and the honorable title of “Advanced Team in National Education System” in 2009. The first “Training Center for Medical Teachers Teaching International Students in English” was established by the Ministry of Education of China at our university in 2010”.


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secondary school result
International passport

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step1: send clear scan copies of your documents to admission@chinauapp.com and pay application.
step2: once we received the document and application fee, we will submit your application to the university and official copy of admission notice will be send to your email within 5 working days.
step3: then visa application form jw202/01 will takes 2-3 weeks before it will be ready.
step4: when jw202/01 is ready we post/mailed to your address and you go to the china embassy in your country and apply for visa.


22 Qixiangtai Rd, Heping, Tianjin, China

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Tianjin Medical University

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