9 Useful Skills Children Can Learn This Summer Holiday

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Skills to learn during summer in Nigeria


A child deserves some time to play and rest after an exhausting and demanding school session. The summer holiday is designed to help children get needed rest so that they can resume a new school session in sound bodies and minds.

While we want our kids to relax during the summer holiday, it’s important that their brains keep working even as the schools are out. This way, they don’t return to school obtuse after two months at home.

More so, there are many skills today’s children need to learn if they would fit into the competitive society that they are becoming a part of.

Even the best of schools may not be able to teach all of these skills as subjects. It is, therefore, the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children acquire such knowledge elsewhere.

The summer holiday is a good opportunity for your children to learn new things, acquire useful skills and knowledge, even as they prepare for adulthood.

9 Useful Skills Children Can Learn This Summer

1. Leadership Skill

Many of us complain about lack of good leaders in our society. But guess what, lack of leadership skills on the part of some of our leaders is part of the problem.       

The younger generation has an opportunity to change this narrative and we must begin to equip our children with what it takes to become good leaders.

If your child attends a ‘good’ school, chances are he or she is already exposed to the importance of taking leadership roles at school. A proper leadership academy will however further your child’s leadership capacity and help him or her see the importance of this vital skill in our society.




2. Learn How to Cook

Both boys and girls should be able to boil and fry an egg, make tea, boil rice and even prepare other simple meals.

Apart from being able to lend a helping hand when you are preparing meals, your child also needs to have this vital skill so that he or she can become a responsible adult who can take good care of him or herself even when they are on their own.

3. Learn How to Swim

Does your child know how to swim? If you answered in the negative, why don’t you register your child in a swimming class this holiday?

Apart from being a life-saving skill, swimming can benefit your child in many other ways. Among other things, swimming helps to burn calories, it helps to improve their sleep quality, it boosts mood help manage stress and so on. More so, it is affordable and fun.

This summer holiday, your child could join a swimming lesson close to the house and have some fun while learning.

4. Communication Skill

As long as your child is a member of a community and lives among other people, he would need to learn how to effectively communicate and relate with others.

Adults can testify to the fact that effective communication engenders peaceful coexistence. A peaceful society, in turn, is a progressive one.

Additionally, today’s employers are more interested in job seekers who have good communication skill.

This summer holiday, you can help your child learn how to communicate better with family and friends and build lasting relationships.

5. Learn a New Language

Many people love to learn another language apart from their mother tongue. But kids are able to learn additional languages faster than older ones.

According to recent research, the ability to learn a new language, at least grammatically, is strongest until the age of 18 after which there is a precipitous decline.To become completely fluent, however, learning a new language should start before the age of 10.

So if you want your child to learn another language, why not enrol him or her in a language class this holiday. Alternatively, you may want to download a language App to help your child learn a new language with ease at home.

6. Volunteer for a Good Cause

Volunteering is a good way to gain new experiences while learning selflessness. For a change from the daily routine, why not allow your child to volunteer with an NGO this summer.

For one thing, they will learn how to give back and help others in their own little ways. They will also learn how to connect with people, feel a sense of fulfilment and be exposed to different interesting career options.

7. Money Management

Someone once said, “When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.” How true these words!

Every parent wants their children to become successful in life and at the very least, be able to take care of themselves. Most parents however, do not realise that the ability to manage money is a key factor that will determine the success or otherwise of a child. No matter how much money a child has, if such a child cannot spend it wisely, he may end up bankrupt.

There are money management clubs, groups and books that can help your child learn money management this summer. You may want to make your findings about the best way our child can learn money management.

8. Time management

Some of the most successful people in the world have testified to the fact that managing their time and doing the most important things first is one of the secrets of their success.

Because the internet and social media have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, children – as some parents alike - can no longer control their time. Children may appear to be busy but at a closer look, they are busy doing nothing important.

To help your child combat this menace, you need to teach them how to manage their time better and achieve their goals at the right time.

9. Learn CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

There is no knowledge more useful than one that helps save life. You may not appreciate how important it is to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation until someone’s life is in danger. But even while no life is necessarily in danger, you can help your child learn CRP. Contact a local Red Cross to find out where and when the next CPR class is being offered.

In conclusion, its summer holiday and as stated earlier your child needs some rest. Whatever skill they will be learning this summer, make sure they don’t get burdened by it and always leave enough time for them to rest.


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