Top 15 Best Programming Schools in Nigeria

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Best programming school in Lagos Nigeria

Best programming schools in Nigeria

In a previous post, I had talked about the best skills kids should be learning in Nigeria today. In that post, one of the skills considered was Programming skill or coding – one of the lucrative skills of our time. Some parents have since reached out to our team at Edusko, asking where their kids and teenagers could learn programming in Nigeria.

This blog post answers that question elaborately and helps parents know where their kids can learn coding in Lagos, Nigeria, or other places in Nigeria. This list of the best programming schools in Nigeria is also beneficial for individual adults who want to learn programming in Nigeria.

You may also want your kids to enroll in some of the best music schools in Nigeria, as music is one of the best skills they could learn in kids.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best programming schools in Nigeria

  1. Anchorsoft

Anchorsoft is one of the places you can learn computer programming in Nigeria, especially if you live in Lagos. The academy is based in Lagos and you can learn courses like Python, JavaScript, Stack, NET, PHP, and other programming languages.

Anchorsoft boasts of some of the best hands in terms of professional and experienced hands that bring years of hands-on experience as software developers on board.

It was founded in the year 2017 by Joseph Folorunso. These programmes are quite flexible and you can opt for regular training, weekend training or express training.

They are located at Ikeja Lagos and serve clients from across Lagos Nigeria.

  1. Hiit PLC

Hiit is one of the schools that offer computer programming in Nigeria. They don’t just tout themselves as Nigeria’s best Indigenous IT Training Establishment, they have proven to be true to that.

In over 20 years of successful existence, Hiit has graduated over 50,000 students at their CPN-accredited IT Training Centres located in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Kano, and other cities across Nigeria.

Some of their web development courses include PHP Laravel Framework, Javascript Programming, WordPress Training, Certificate in Web Programming (CWP), while they offer Software Engineering courses like Python, Java, Java Spring Framework, and so on.

Hiit’s other array of courses include Database management, data science, IT security courses, mobile development, crowd computing, and many more.

  1. Projaro

Projaro is another programming school in Nigeria that has built a reputation as one of the best. They are a team of professional technology solution providers with a passion for building for the next billion users and empowering a new generation of thinkers and innovators.

They have graduated some of the top tech smarts in the tech space in Nigeria who have gone on to secure employment with top brands such as Andela, Gladepay, Bytework, iClean, etc.

Some of the courses you can enroll for with Projaro are Full Stack Development, Mobile App Development, UI & UX Design, Graphics Design, etc.

For a 12-week schedule option which runs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you’ll be billed around 80K – as of the time of publishing this.

Projaro is located at House 40 22 Rd, Kado Estate, Abuja.

  1. Learn Factory

LearnFactory is the first full-stack software development training and technology hub in South-East Nigeria.

The company applies the use of Innovative Instructor-Led Training (IILT) in state-of-the-art facilities and On-The-Job (OTJ) development through internship placements in reputable partner private and public sector organizations.

If you reside in Abia State in the Eastern part of Nigeria, Learn Factory is a good choice of place to learn to code.

They have services for kids who want to learn to code, and other programmes like software development, they also groom full-stack developers and interns.

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  1. Girls Coding

If you have a girl-child who is showing proclivity towards coding or programming, GirlsCoding is the right place to harness her passion.

GirlsCoding is a non-governmental organization founded by Abisoye Akinfolarin. The organization is very passionate about girl-child education.

They are passionate about increasing the number of females in STEM, training the girls in an underserved community, and improving the resourcefulness of young girls and women through our widespread packages.

GirlsCoding empowers young ones at school with well-seasoned short exciting courses and STEM projects. GirlsCoding is focused on using a structured STEM curriculum to train young ones.

The organization aims to increase the number of girls in tech in the world as a whole.

Some of the courses a tech-inclined girl can learn at GirlsCoding include front-end development, back-end development, App development, full-stack development.

GirlsCoding has over 50 schools across Nigeria. They are located at 55, Moleye Street, Alagomeji,
Sabo, Yaba
, Lagos.

  1. Univelcity

“Whether you are completely new to coding or had prior experience, at Univelcity we will help you accelerate your dream of becoming a world-class software developer or designer in record time”.

 That statement is what welcomes you to Univelcity’s homepage on their website, and rightfully so.

Univelcity is a tech academy founded by Joseph Agubiade. The academy offers courses such as UI/UX design, mobile (Android and iOS) development and data science, front-end and back-end development, etc.

You might have known them as Switch before now. Univelcity offers both accelerated and immersive courses for individuals and corporations. While the accelerated courses are taken as a one-day masterclass, the immersive courses could span across eight Saturdays.

The price for Univelcity programmes ranges from ₦20,000 and above. For one thing, Univelcity will give you great value for your money as they claim that some of their interns have secured jobs at some of the top tech firms in Nigeria and elsewhere.

Univelcity is located at 42 Montgomery Road, Yaba.

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  1. Relearn by CcHub

Relearn about the best programme for your kids and teenagers to learn to code in Abuja and Lagos. Relearn is a program by the Co-Creation Hub targeted at children and teenagers from between 5 – 18 years of age in Primary 1 to SS3 classes.

There are different programs that relearn runs for students who are willing to explore their creativity and talents:

Weekend Club

As the name suggests, this program is run during the weekend? The program is targeted at 5-18-year-olds for 3 hours of fun and learning on Saturdays. Each lesson is personalised, project-based with fun projects that allow the kids to express themselves and learn new skills to prepare them for today's digital world.

Gap Year Club

Specially designed for teens who have completed secondary school and have a few months before starting at a university. Students are engaged in 8 weeks of intensive personalised classes in Python which will result in the use of critical thinking skills to design unique projects.

Best programming schools in Nigeria

  1. GNT Nigeria

Located in Ibadan, Oyo State, GNT is one of the full-fledged IT firms where students can learn a wide range of courses you can think of. They are arguably one the best institutions to learn programming in Nigeria if you reside in Oyo state.

They have the GNT solutions, GNT network solutions and implementation, GNT consulting and sales, and most especially IT consultancy.

Some of the courses they serve are:

  • diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering
  • Diploma in IT project management
  • Higher Diploma in Cybersecurity
  • Diploma in Computer Networking
  • Diploma in cybersecurity
  • Ethical Hacking training
  • Cybersafe, etc.
  1. Andela

Andela is one of the best places anyone can learn programming not only in Nigeria but in Africa.

They have a geographic footprint that covers Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, and many more.

Andela has some of the best young talents and techies from across Africa and other parts of the world who train promising newbies to become highly marketable and sought-after programmers.

Andela’s model is quite different from your typical programming school or coding outlets. They are an accelerator and they opt for some of the most promising and driven would-be programmers who are then trained within the period of 4 years.

Unlike other models, students are paid during the duration of their training but defaulting students pay a huge sum of money assumed to amount to the cost of the training.

Andela is highly competitive and that explains why they have churned out some of the best programmers not only in Nigeria but in Africa. You must show some basic knowledge and smarts to get enrolled in Andela, but the experience is well worth it.

  1. MOAT Academy

MOAT academy is one of the well-recognized and professional software development academies in Nigeria. They are reputed for knowing their onions when it comes to all the courses they offer.

Their approach is more of an apprenticeship where you learn software developments from experts in the field and it is 100% practical and job-oriented.

MOAT’s curriculum has been designed in a way that their graduands can hit the ground from day one and run in any software company in the world; making them highly demanded professionals by employers.

Some of the programming languages you get to learn here include, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, React JS, MySQL, Python, and lots more.

They are located at Opebi, Lagos.

  1. Audax

If you have a teenage child whom you want to learn to code, Audax is one of the best options for them when it comes to computer programming schools in Lagos.

Audax Code School was created to improve digital literacy through coding in a fun and collaborative environment for primary and secondary school students in Nigeria.

Some of their goals and philosophies are to bridge the digital skills gap; empower children and teachers in both rural and urban areas; foster creativity, and critical thinking skills through ICT learning and encourage careers of underprivileged youth through STEM Education.

Some of their courses include an introduction to programming with Python, web application development with Python, beginner web development (front end CSS, HTML), Master web development (backend – JavaScript).

They are located at Plot 24 Adebisi Ogunniyi Crescent, Lekki Phase I, Lagos, Nigeria.

Best programming schools in Nigeria

  1. CKdigital

CKdigital is arguably one of the best programming schools in Nigeria. It was founded by Charles Dairo who started CKDigital in 2012 after a 3-month internship at a web design company. Within 4 years, he has, together with the team, built the company to become Nigeria’s most respected web design company.

Their specialties include WordPress web design, UI/UX Design, and frontend development such as HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT.

The duration of the courses is approximately 9 weekends. They are located in Ogudu, Lagos.

  1. New Horizon

New Horizon is one of the best and trusted training schools in Nigeria that provide quality and up-to-date training solutions for individuals, organizations, and businesses. New Horizons Nigeria is the leading ICT Training and Exam Testing Institute with over 10 years of cognitive experience in Nigeria.

They offer a variety of courses for students who want to learn programming and related skills. They also offer online training, corporate training, and education/school services for businesses.

Their computer programming school in Nigeria has about 9 centers, 100+ teachers, and about 35 courses and they cover any programming course you may think of.

They are located in Ikeja, Lagos.

  1. Decagon

Decagon is an elite software engineering and leadership training Institute that equips high potential talents with world-class software engineering and leadership skills. They are one of the best guys in the business.

They provide practical exposure through real-life projects.

There programme It is a 6-month intensive course that launches your career as a software engineer. At the end of the Program, you will become a competitive industry-ready entry-level to mid-level software engineer.

  1. Now, over to you

As the popular saying goes, no man is an island of knowledge. I believe there are some good programming schools I might have omitted from this list. Why don’t you suggest them in the comment session if you know of any? I would be glad to check your suggestions out and probably add them to an edited version of this list.


Please note that the views shared in this blog should be subjected to further investigation by readers before making their decisions. We are in no way prescribing or imposing any of the schools listed on anyone. Readers should use their discretion in how they accept, process, and use the information above.



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