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About Us

The focus of the sacred Heart College is the development of world-class schools.  World class in all facets of our operations –  curriculum, teaching methodologies, staff quality, libraries, technology, buildings, resources, facilities, management and so on. In order to sustain our  mission to deliver world- class education to children inculcate high moral and ethical values as we prepare them for a life of service and fulfilment,   we have embarked on a number of school improvement initiatives in recent years.

Our Curriculum

Based on wide research into major international curricula, the Nigerian curriculum inclusive, we developed a curriculum that has extensive extra and cross-curricular linkages that is project and enquiry based and focused on building the skills that will ensure success in the 21st century. The scope of teaching is clearly to align with teachings that will promote lifelong learning and survival skills for the 21st Century. Skills like collaboration across Networks, Critical thinking and Problem solving, Adaptability, Initiative, Effective Oral and Written Communication, Curiosity and Imagination, accessing and analysing Information.

Our curriculum gives the student the following:-

  • Sense of self-identity
  • Broad based knowledge of their immediate environment and the world as a whole.
  • Experiential learning
  • Ability to embrace and celebrate diversity
  • Awareness and interest in global issues.


In 2010, we embarked upon a plan to make technology a tool in teaching, learning, administration and research throughout. We have spent substantial amount of money in equipping all laboratories, networking, Internet access, peripherals, and mobile computer labs for effective classroom teaching, curriculum development and teacher training. A major feature of our curriculum is the extensive use of Information and Communication Technology skills.

Staff Training

Staff training is broad-based and ranges from technical (pedagogy and subject-specific) training to curriculum development, attitude, leadership, poise and etiquette, financial planning, ICT training and so on. The results of these have been the continuous upward improvement in staff morale, skills and attitudes.

Library Upgrade

Our libraries are welcoming and filled with books of all genres. We have also put in place a robust reading programme. This programme incorporates both classical and contemporary works for students and staff.

Upgrading Facilities

The School is currently engaged in expansionary activities and build-up of infrastructures as part of its strategic goals. Regularly, substantial funds go into upgrading and modernizing our buildings, some of which are over 50 years old. We have also invested in furniture, classroom and external finishes, playgrounds, sports facilities, laboratories, staff rooms etc. Some of our recent major construction works include, blocks of new classrooms, for the Secondary School, Hostels and Staff quarters. This is a continuous process as we are determined that all our facilities and resources will be of world-class standards.

Reaching Out to the Community

We reach out to the community around each of our schools in various ways through the Corporate Social responsibility programme. This Corporate Social responsibility scheme gives the students and PTA the opportunity to reach out to the less privileged children in state schools near them. Over the years, we have constantly donated furniture and equipment, and assisted with teacher training.

Programs Offered
All High School Programs are offered
Admission Requirements

Admission to Sacred Heart College is through Examination, which takes place some months before the beginning of the school year. It is given strictly on merit. Prospective candidates into JSS 1 are required to purchase and complete an application form before they are qualified to take the examination. Admission is also given to students who wish to transfer into the college. But it must not be into Examination Classes JSS 3 and SS 3. All must be through Examination.

Personal Interview

At the publication of the entrance examination, there will be personal interview for all the successful candidates. After the interview, the successful candidates will be given the prospectus with a non – refundable amount of N2,000.00. Enrolment into the College.

Details of the Entrance Examination 

English an Mathematics are tested for about 2 hours and General Paper for 1 hour. Candidates are expected to be able to write well and will be tested among other things on continuous writing and their ability to set out their work clearly and neatly.

Things to bring to the Examination Hall

The candidates should come to the Examination Hall with the Admission Ticket. The ticket is given on the return of the Admission Form. Each candidate should also have two (2) Pencils or biros. If a pencil breaks or a biro runs out of ink, it is good to have a substitute.

Publication of Entrance Results

Result will be published in the Rex News Paper and the school website in May. After this date, lists of successful candidates will also be available for inspection at most centers where application forms were sold.

Registration dates for the year’s admissions are 1st Saturday in June and 1st Tuesday in June at Sacred Heart College campus. An accepted candidate who does not register on either of those days cannot be guaranteed a place in the JSS 1 Class or any of the classes in September.

Admission Procedures

The cost of education today is costly. But our intention is to include all kinds of students. For this reason, we embark on a fund-raising campaign to provide an endowment fund for scholarships for deserving students who might not otherwise be able to afford the fees.

These scholarships, partial or whole, are awarded based on the proven academy ability of the student and demonstrated financial need. .


THE SPONSORS ARE:  Dr. Ernest Okorie and Dr. Charles Okorie (SAHARCO OLD BOYS)

 (1)  Chief William Okorie prize: (N10,000)

Outstanding JSS 3 student: Best overall performance in JSS 3 state examination. 

Significance of the award: continuous honour of Chief William Okorie (our father), and his vision of recognizing ‘‘that education is the most sustainable way of uplifting a person or group of persons out of poverty’’

(2)  Teresa Okorie Memorial prize: (N30,000)

Most caring and compassionate student for each class JSS 1 – SS 3.

Significance of the award: To promote a culture of compassion within the students. Our late mother, for as long as she lived, was an embodiment of compassion to her fellow human begins. The total award is shared equally among the six students, (one student drawn from each of the six classes).

(3)  Dr. Maduka Awa prize: (N10,000)

Outstanding physics student SS 2 class.

Significance of award: To honour a great Physics teacher that went beyond the call of duty for most of us while he taught at the school.

(4)  Benjamin Anyanwu Memorial prize: (N10,000)

Outstanding Mathematics student  SS 3 class.

Significance of award: To honour a great mathematics teacher that went beyond the call of duty for most of us while he taught at the school. He died in a car accident in1980.

(5)  Chief William and Teresa Okorie prize: (N10,000) 

For the Best Teacher of the year:

Significance of the award: To appreciate and encourage the teachers to work hard.



SACRED HEART COLLEGE (SAHARCO) is one of the Catholic Colleges owned by the Catholic Diocese of Aba. It was the first cosmopolitan college by the Catholic Mission in the present geographical Zone call Abia State. The school situated on a vest area of land in Eziukwu Abia in Aba North L.G.A., provides a conducive environment to focused and efficient teaching and learning. It has a spacious athletic fields and creatively designed buildings that complement the natural beauty of the landscape.

Sacred Heart College is a Boys Sedondary School with Boarding Facilities. It was found in the year 1957 by the then Catholic Bishop of Owerri-Most Rev. Joseph B Whelan (C.S.Sp). It had its first class at Uzoigwe’s compound and Rev. Fr. Raymond Kennedy was the first principal of the school. He was succeeded by Rev. Fr. L.H. McHugh (1959-1961). Most Rev. Dr. Gregory Ochiagha Bishop emeritus (Catholic Diocese of Orlu was the first Black Principal.

The Motto of the College ‘‘Testimonium Perhibere veritati’’ translates’’ To Bear Witness to Truth’’ or ‘’To Give Testimony to the Truth’’.

What happened to Sacred Heart College?

In the early 1970s, Sacred Heart College was taken over by the Government after The Nigeria-Biafran Civil War. The Government managed the school for about forty-three year (1970-2012). At a time, the name of the College was changed to Boys High School Eziukwu Aba but the former was restored. Thanks to the Old Boys of the College.

On septermber 14, 2012 the Government of Abia State Provisionally Returend the school to its Original Owner the Catholic diocese of Aba Rev. Fr Alfred Ebenso Nwaobasi becomes the principal. He succeeded Elder Ozojiri Isreal O the incumbent Principal of the Government Elder Ozojiri I. O. finally handed over to Fr. Nwaobasi on 145-12-12.

Is Sacred Heart College a Catholic School?

Yes, Sacred Heart College (SAHARCO) is a Catholic School. It is administered by the Catholic Diocese of Aba. We run the school according to the Catholic tradition. As it stands, we have respect for other people’s religion and no imposition of religious beliefs is made. Instead, we hope to teach our students to respect other faiths.

Our vision is responsibility Education: Education that will from real leaders, selfless professionals, and students of competence as agents of positive change to bring about a more just society.

Our Mission is a Mission together. Parents, Teachers, Students, Government, Society and us work together to create an academy environment that forms the entire person within the Catholic tradition, upholds sound African values and engages global challenges.

Past Awards

Sacred Heart Road off Faulk Rd by Osusu Rd Aba, Aba
234 Abia


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Sacred Heart College Aba, Abia State
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More greace to your elbow

Submitted by Ex Student (not verified) on Tue, 10/04/2016 - 13:01

Fr Ebenso i appreciate your good works in Sacred Heart College

Preparation for Life

Submitted by Dr. Richard Ib… (not verified) on Sun, 04/29/2018 - 13:52

Sacred Heart College is reputed to prepare you for the future. I am happy to attend the school. The school leaves an impression on you. The friends I made as a student are still my favorite friends now.

old boy

Submitted by chukwu stephen udeh (not verified) on Tue, 10/23/2018 - 19:29

i am old boy of sacred heart collage aba as of 1999

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